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We all have something known as a ‘gut instinct.’ While it’s called many different things, it operates in the same way regardless of what word you choose to use for it. 

Many people refer to this as their intuition or their inner voice, but for me, it is my gut feeling and it is quite strong. This for those who somehow are not aware is your immediate understanding of something without any real reason. For instance, you may feel like you’re in danger but not be able to see the danger.

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This is something that whether you tend to realize it or not happens a lot in our lives. When your gut speaks to you, you should not be ignoring it. The more you listen to it the more prominent it will become in your life and thus the more clear things will end up once all is said and done. This sense of intuition is something we should all be working to properly cultivate within.

Below I am going to go over some of the instances during which your gut might kick in and just how important these kinds of things are. During these situations, you should always hear your gut out. Don’t just ignore the feelings and thoughts being placed forth, work to gain a better understanding of them.

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9 Gut Instincts You Should Not Be Ignoring:

1. When you feel pulled in a specific direction.

When your gut is talking to you, you’re sometimes going to feel pulled towards something specific. While you won’t know the reason why at the beginning, as time passes you will understand things more clearly. For instance, you might choose one table over another, only to learn once you get home that the other one would not have fit into the space it needed to.

2. When you have a bad feeling about someone or a specific situation.

When your gut is trying to warn you about someone, it might present itself as a feeling, and that could be a feeling in specific to someone or something in your life. If you’re feeling iffy about someone or have bad vibes that seem to radiate off of them, you should not ignore those things. Your intuition is trying to make you aware of the intent behind this person.

3. When you hear a voice within, literally warning you of something or someone.

When your gut is trying to make something known, it for some people can speak to them. Yes, it will literally speak. They will hear a voice in their heads. You might think this is crazy, or you might resonate with it depending on how your intuition plays out. This is very much like the conscience itself, but a bit different overall.

4. When you do something without even thinking about it and without a reason why.

When your gut trying to get you to pay attention to something, it might completely override you entirely. For instance, you may just do something without thinking about it at all. Afterward, you will likely look back as if you do not know what came over you, well it was your intuitive side.

For those interested in the scientific angle, Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious explains how our brain processes intuition and the underlying science behind it. It’s a great read for anyone curious about the intersection of psychology, neurology, and gut instincts.

5. When you feel like there is a present danger you cannot see.

When your gut senses danger, it will make you feel on edge and out of place. This is its way of trying to get you out of wherever you are and away from the people making that feeling present. You might suddenly feel sick or even fall dizzy.

6. When you feel excited and ‘confident’ in something you’re doing without, it seems ‘rational.’

When your gut is trying to lead you towards a positive change, it might make you feel quite powerful and confident, even if the situation doesn’t seem likely to play out how you want it to. The less rational it is the more you’re going to feel odd about it, but if you’re confident, go for it. Sure, this one is hard to come to terms with, but it is important.

7. When you’re about to do something but suddenly change your mind.

Sometimes when our gut is making something known, it will happen quite suddenly. You may be all in for something and then change your mind out of the blue. This is your intuitive side tapping into your subconscious and making things safer overall. You will look back on these situations and thank your higher self, believe me.

8. When you have a feeling that will not go away.

Your gut is not going to make you feel something important and then stop. If you need to acknowledge something, it will come back time and time again. The feeling itself will become repetitive until you listen to it.

9. When someone comes through and tells you something that you needed to hear without being connected to it in any real way.

Your gut sometimes presents people before you in ways you might not think it could. For example, someone might come by and mention to you that there is a specific kind of soup on sale down the block all the while you had been craving that kind of soup. Things like this are not just coincidences.