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Sure, we fall for people all the time and sometimes we think they are falling for us as well, but later we find out that either they were just a bit infatuated by us or that we were just a bit infatuated by them. On many occasions, the idea of someone is a lot more interesting than the person themselves.

While we should never jump into things and should do our best to wait until we can determine if we do really have feelings for someone or not most refuse to hold back. Just because you cannot get someone off of your mind does not mean you are in love with them. If you are having to ask yourself if you are really in love with someone or just happen to love the idea of being with them you most likely already know the right answer.

Below I am going to go over some of the differences between these two things. While you might not be able to see them all at first as time goes on they will become quite apparent. Once again, just because you’re obsessed doesn’t mean you’re meant to be together.

9 Differences Between Infatuation and True Love That You Should Keep In Mind:

1. Infatuation is usually superficial, true love is not.

Infatuation is for the most part on a more-so physical level. While true love is a much more spiritual and soul changing thing infatuation doesn’t last long and doesn’t end up very deep at all. While both can feel similar they change as time goes by and one becomes much more intense than the other.

2. True love lends a helping hand, infatuation holds you back.

True love is all about growth and becoming a better person alongside the person you love. When you are in love with someone that person grows with you and you both build together. True love is all about moving forward in the same direction.

Infatuation, on the other hand, doesn’t move forward at all. It holds you back and keeps you in the same mindset you’ve been in. Rather than being able to grow together, you are not really progressing at all.

3. Infatuation doesn’t stand the tests of time, true love does.

Infatuation doesn’t stand the tests of time. The more time you spend together the less you like one another. The truth is, true love does not operate in this manner. The more time you spend with someone you truly love the more you will want to be with them.

4. True love is not full of jealousy, infatuation is.

True love comes with trust and honesty. It doesn’t make you overly jealous or insecure. Infatuation is full of jealousy and makes a person go crazy in some ways. While you might not realize it right away, infatuation will have you insecure and upset more frequently than not.

5. Infatuation sets unrealistic standards, true love does not.

Infatuation is all about the unknown and sets you up to expect far more from the person you’re interested in than you should. It builds them up and makes them out to be perfect when they are not. True love is all about accepting your flaws and being able to love a person even when they’re not as amazing as you might have thought they were.

6. True love is a partnership, infatuation is often one-sided.

True love is never one-sided; it is a partnership and requires a team effort. No, it’s not the hardest thing you will face but it is complicated sometimes.

Infatuation, however, is for the most part one-sided. One person is much more interested in the other and oftentimes someone is being used. This is heartbreaking but also something many need to come to terms with.

7. Infatuation promotes recklessness, true love is much more stable.

Infatuation is very reckless and pushes us to do things we might not be comfortable doing. While it is good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes this is not the way to go about it.

True love is different as it is much more stable. True love comes with proper boundaries and respect. You both are on the same page and able to face life in a manner that leaves everyone taken care of.

8. True love doesn’t come into our lives often, infatuation can be found on many occasions.

True love is not something you find often. It is something that comes into our lives when we least expect it and sweeps us off of our feet. Infatuation does not do this and is not something that could be considered rare. Infatuation comes and goes quite quickly and is found in many people throughout the years we live.

9. Infatuation is not very personal, true love is on a deeper level than anything else.

Infatuation is not as personal as true love is. True love is a connection like nothing else. While infatuation might seem fun true love will provide you with all you need on all possible levels.