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We all feel numb at one point in our lives or another but that doesn’t mean we have to allow that moment to control us or define who we are. Whether you’re going through something serious or just stuck in a mental funk, there is a way out of it and you can cope properly if you work hard enough. 

Numbness comes in many different forms and is not the same for everyone. Your numbness might not match mine and there is nothing wrong with that. This kind of thing is a feeling that no one is able to truly explain and because of that working through it is complicated at best. Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why many of us become numb while not all of these reasons will apply to you, some of them might be driving more than you are aware of.

9 Things That Could Make You Feel Numb:

1. Experiencing grief on any level.

Whether someone important in your life has passed away or something has come to an end, grief will come forth. This kind of thing manifests itself in several ways and numbness is one of those. This kind of thing can last for months or even what might feel like years but it will come to an end eventually.

2. Facing serious health issues.

When we are diagnosed with a health issue or disease that is serious or life-threatening we can and often do become numb to the fact. We close ourselves off and move through our day-to-day experiences as if we’re in limbo. Many people with cancer and things of the sort face this.

3. Suffering from a mental illness of some kind.

There are tons of different kinds of mental illnesses and some of them come with mental numbness. Whether you’re facing something like PTSD or even depression the numbness will pass once everything is worked through properly. There are tons of different means of fighting mental health issues, and we all need to remember that.

4. Being mistreated in the past or present.

If you’re someone who has been mistreated in the past or are someone who is being mistreated currently then you’re going to fave numbness on some level. Your emotional regulation skills become lost and you find yourself unable to make the changes that you need to make in order to better your own life. This is something that might take a long time to work through but it is something you are more than capable of.

5. Feeling or being isolated in general.

When someone who doesn’t like being alone ends up alone they don’t usually take to it well. People who are isolated without it being something they want end up feeling as if they’re stuck in hiding and unable to find themselves as well as those they care for. Numbness comes forth whether they are expecting it or not.

6. Feeling misunderstood by the people you care for.

When we feel like the people who matter the most to us do not understand us and who we are, we become withdrawn and in many ways emotionally numb. It’s like there is no proper means of opening up and that no matter what we try the understanding will always be lacking. That having been said, you never know how a person will react unless you try to show them the sides of you that they otherwise wouldn’t be capable of comprehending.

7. Being far too stressed for your own good.

The more stressed we are the more our mind tries to put an end to it. Stress creates a lot of pressure and makes us feel very numb in many ways. When one thing right after another goes wrong numbness is inevitable.

8. Not being able to communicate properly.

If you are unable to find ways to talk about the things you’re feeling you will end up finding yourself quite numb. The more you work towards opening up and speaking your mind the less numb you will feel. We all need to let out the things within from time to time, otherwise, we end up bottling too much and unable to figure out ways to make things right.

9. Chronic pain regardless of the form.

People who face chronic pain regardless of the form or cause behind it feel a serious disconnect from the people around them. No one gets them in the ways they want them to and their pain is always downplayed. This causes many of them to feel emotionally numb as they just don’t have a means of expression.