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Oftentimes, as parents, we may view ourselves as just that, a parent. However, we are so much more than just a mom, we are everything to our little ones.

The next time you think, “I’m just a mom,” look back at this list. You are everything all rolled into one, and you likely don’t even realize that. And the next time someone says you are “just a mom,” remind them of the following. No mom is just a mom. You are every one of the following, and don’t ever forget it.

1. You are their best friend.

You aren’t just a mom, you are a best friend. When your little one needs someone to rely on, you are that person. You are the first friend they will ever make, and you will be their longest-standing friend for the rest of your life.

2. You are their comforter.

When your little one needs to be comforted, you are there. In fact, as their mom, no one can likely comfort them the way you do.

3. You are their doctor.

Additionally, you are also their doctor. When they have a bruise or a scratch, you are there with a bandaid and a kiss. When they have a headache, you are the one who runs to the store to get baby aspirin for their ache.

4. You are their chef.

And when they need something good to eat, you are the one who is there with a healthy and comforting meal, just in time. Later in life, they are going to always refer to your cooking as the best and, likely, no one’s food will ever be able to compare to yours.

5. You are their cheerleader.

When your child needs someone to cheer them on, they can always rely on you. You likely see their potential long before they do and encourage them to tackle their biggest dreams.

6. You are their biggest support system.

And when they need emotional support, you are their support system as well. They are always able to rely on their mom, above anyone else to be the person that supports them through the hard times and encourages them in the best of times.

7. You are their maid.

Additionally, even though it may be frustrating at times to always clean up messes, you do it anyways. You are their maid and one day, you can teach them how to clean up their messes, but you will always be the expert in their mind.

8. You are their therapist.

When your child needs someone to talk to and to provide them with emotional support, you are their therapist. As their mom, it’s your job to teach them about their emotions and how to handle them appropriately, and they will always view you as that person.

9. You are their consistency.

Above all, you are the one constant in their life. When they need to have someone to depend on, to keep them stable, and to provide them with a sense of security- you are the person that will come to mind.