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Did you know that the way you see things could be poisoning your energy field? You could be making yourself unhappy in the most simple ways.

The mind is very powerful. Our expectations of everything in this life can hold us back far more than anything else can. If you are limiting your mind by thinking any of the following things you need to stop! The only way to find happiness is to correct yourself first and create an environment from within that will allow happiness to thrive.

8 Ways You Might Be Poisoning Your Energy Field and Making Yourself Unhappy:

1. Thinking that everyone should like you.

No one has to like you, and the truth is there will always be people in this world who hate you. You do not need to spend your time thinking you are entitled to something that doesn’t even matter in the first place.

2. Thinking life is fair.

Life is never fair. Bad people sometimes end up with nice things, and good people sometimes end up with nothing. This is all happening for a reason, but it is in no way ‘fair.’ If you think problems will resolve themselves you are very wrong.

3. Assuming people know what you mean.

Unless you say what you mean people will not know what you mean. Never say something that is vague or that could be misunderstood. If you create the misunderstanding by assuming someone will understand you are only causing problems.

4. Assuming your way is the right way.

We must be open to new ways of doing things. Your way is not always going to be the right way or the best way. It is not productive to be so closed off.

5. Thinking you cannot do something.

By thinking you cannot do something you are setting yourself up to fail. Prepare and know that you can before wasting your time away. Give yourself room to grow and if you do fail, so what.

6. Thinking you deserve more than others without putting in the work.

If you don’t work for something how would you deserve it? Just because someone else has something without having to work for it doesn’t mean the same applies to you. If you want something do what you need to do to get it.

7. Thinking people can read your mind.

No sweetie, your boyfriend does not know what you want because you didn’t tell him. If you need something speak up. Find your voice and use it.

8. Thinking opportunities will appear out of nowhere.

It doesn’t work like that! Hard work is needed in every aspect of life. Nothing is going to just land on your lap.

Do not poison your mind and soul with these outlandish thoughts. You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. We all have a purpose, work hard and find yours. Life can be and will be wonderful if you allow it to be. Never let yourself fall into a rut of negative energy.