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In this world, there are tons of toxic energies surrounding us all, our ability to counter those toxic energies can and will make a huge difference in how we maneuver through life. The more you allow them to feed off of you and change your aura, the more displaced you will end up feeling.

Your aura is essentially your energy field as a whole. It is the force that makes up who you are as a person. We all have our own auras and the sooner you realize how important yours is the better.

Regardless of why toxic energies are targeting you or where they’re coming from, being able to shield your aura is crucial moving forward. This in itself could be the difference between positive or negative shifting overall. Below I am going to go over some tips and tricks for shielding your aura properly and the more you do these things and learn to bring them into your life properly the better.

8 Ways To Shield Your Aura From Toxic Energies:

1. Keep The Right Crystals Close

There are tons of different healing crystals that work wonders with toxic energies and things of the sort. For instance, Black Tourmaline is one of the best for things of this nature. Take the time to see what stones call out to you and really dive into the world of healing crystals, this kind of thing can do more than most realize.

2. Close Your Aura

Closing your aura takes a lot of practice but once you’ve got it down you’re capable of a lot more than you might think. Doing something like this is all in the mind and through the mind’s eye but allows you to stop taking in the things around you so deeply. Keeping these toxic energies at a distance could be the best thing you ever do in your life, honestly.

3. Practice Smudging

Use your smudging tools of choice to rid yourself of the stagnant energies that attach themselves to you throughout your day-to-day life. This will allow you to be more in the moment and clear of the things that are causing your mind to fog up. I know, it might not sound like much but this is important.

4. Pay Attention To The Company You Keep

Sometimes we allow people around us who do nothing but bring us down. Being aware of the company we keep is important. While it might not be ideal to cut people out, sometimes cutting people out is exactly what needs to be done.

5. Release Negativity Back To Mother Nature

When you feel like you’ve taken on too much negativity releasing those energies back into mother nature so that she can transform them is a good option. Through this you can bring something new to the table and be more mindful of the world around you. This kind of thing revolves around meditation and is a tool worth becoming used to implementing.

6. Wear More Black

The color black is not as negative as most make it out to be. It is a color full of power. When you wear black you are warding off more than you might be aware of and working wonders on a spiritual level.

7. Meditate Over Removing The Toxic Energies Around You

Meditation can do a lot for those struggling with their aura. If you feel like you’re being surrounded by toxic energies, meditating to release them and remove them from your life is a must. This will help you grow and allow you to be more true to who you are in the long-run.

8. Be As Grounded As Possible

Grounding is something people from all over the world have done for many, many years. This is essentially being one with nature itself. Allowing yourself to feel the ground beneath your feet and really resonate on a deeper level of connectedness.