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Many of us meet someone and hit it off, and upon falling in love, we may wonder, “Is this my twin flame?” For some time, we may even consider the possibility that they truly are; but how do you know for sure?

A twin flame is our literal other half. They are the mirror of our soul, and it’s actually quite rare to encounter them. The relationship between twin flames is unlike anything else. Perhaps one of the biggest red flags that you are with your twin flame is the feeling that person will give you. It’s unlike anything else in the world.

But, since we can be blinded by love, it can be easy to mistake love for twin flame energy. So how do you know? Here are 8 ways to know for sure.

1. Upon meeting them, you felt like you had known them forever.

When you first met, it’s like you were catching up on old times. There is very similar energy between you, almost like you are the same person, but different at the same time. Sometimes it’s almost creepy how much the two of you share.

2. It hurts when you are apart.

Whenever you are apart from one another, it’s like you can’t breathe. You cannot imagine your life without them. It’s like they were always meant to be with you.

3. Deep change occurs when you are together.

When the two of you are together, deep changes take place. And it’s not even that you try to change each other. Instead, your presence in each other’s life brings out the best in the other.

4. You cannot describe it.

When someone asks you to describe your feelings, you are at a loss for words. There are no words to describe the bond you share.

5. You are magnetic and polarizing at the same time.

At times, it’s like the two of you are perfect for each other and can’t get enough. But when you disagree, you disagree on an extreme level. Sometimes, it’s like you are either both all in or both all out. It’s intense.

6. The spark never fades.

No matter how much time goes by, you love them just the same. The spark between you never fades, no matter what you have been through.

7. There are synchronicities.

Throughout the time you are together, you will notice synchronicities and ‘coincidences’ in your lives. For example, you may have both met before without realizing it. Or lead parallel lives without ever knowing until you met. There are always strange links that overlap between twin flames.

8. You can feel their energy, on a whole other level.

When you are around them, you feel their energy entirely. If they are upset, you are too. If they are happy you are too. You can even sometimes finish each other’s sentences.