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All too often we end up downing ourselves because of how we look when honestly, we look fine. We might not be able to see it ourselves, but there are people who look at us and are jealous of things about the way we appear.

The way we perceive ourselves is more than how we see ourselves with our eyes and this for some can be good or bad. Because we look at ourselves all the time and overanalyze things, we focus on the flaws that most people don’t even notice anyway. Below I am going to go over some of the best ways to counter that and help make you feel better about YOU as a whole.

8 Ways To Feel Better About Your Appearance:

1. Quit trying to be perfect all of the time.

No one on this planet is perfect. We all have our flaws. While you have your insecurities, so does every other person on this planet, period.

2. Smile more often.

Smiling is something we often don’t really think about doing. The more you smile the happier you look and the more it will end up resonating within. I know, this one sounds cheesy but give it a try, you might end up feeling better about yourself overall. Your smile is beautiful, show it off.

3. Stop trying to add up to conventional standards.

Conventional standards when it comes to beauty and things of that sort are extremely unrealistic. While there are people who look a certain way in magazines and on TV, those people are edited and some go through a lot of surgery to get where they are. It’s just not something the average person should be trying to live up to. You’re fine as you are.

4. Focus on the positive things rather than the negative.

For everything you do not like about the way you look counter it with something you do like. Sure, your nose might be a bit bigger but it has a good shape doesn’t it? Your eyes are gorgeous and you’ve got a lot more going for yourself than you might be realizing off hand.

5. Pay attention to the compliments you receive.

Start seeing the things others see in you, in yourself. If someone compliments your hair take it as it is and accept it. Don’t try to break it down and make it into something it isn’t. A compliment is a compliment.

6. Do not let your appearance define you.

You are not defined by your appearance. You are so much more than this flesh house that holds your soul. This one needs to sink in properly, above all else.

7. Don’t compare yourself to everyone else.

As noted above, we all have our insecurities. Those people you’re comparing yourself to are probably doing the same with you. Just because you don’t see the good things about the way you look does not mean other people don’t.

8. Dress for comfort and be more willing to wear what you want.

Wear what you want and if you’re comfortable, that should be all that matters. You don’t have to stop wearing crop tops because you put on a few pounds and you’re free to pick and choose anything you want when it comes to your wardrobe. Don’t let anything hold you back in this area.