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Being an empath is a wonderful thing. It means so much to those who are gifted with such an in-depth intuition and with their gift comes so much more than most people care to acknowledge.

Highly empathetic people have some amazing strengths and in some cases, crippling weaknesses. These strengths are things most people won’t even notice. To the empath, they are extremely important and help them on their journey. Sure, to the average person these are nothing special but to the empath they are everything.

8 Untold Strengths All Empaths Have:

1. Their amazing imaginations

The empath is able to use their imagination for so many things. Creativity and skills like this do not come by as often as you might think. The larger and more intense your imagination the better.

2. Their problem-solving skills

The empath can resolve almost any issue. When people are fighting, the empath can and usually will step in. All it takes is a little time talking things out and before you know it the empath has the perfect solution.

3. Their openness to change

Change is not something that scares the empath. The empath knows change is a part of life that no one can leave behind. Sure, they may not always like it but they are always open to it.

4. Their ability to accept

The empath accepts the things he or she cannot fix. This makes them so much stronger than most people. Sure, they may try but when they realize nothing can be done, they do not dwell on it.

5. Their listening skills

The empath is the most amazing listener around. He or she can and will be able to understand the situations you are describing to them. They will feel as if they were there experiencing things firsthand and you will love discussing things with them. Talking to an empath will relieve so much emotional burden it is unreal.

6. Their pureness

The empath sees people for who they are on the inside. They are not prejudiced and will help anyone who needs them. More people need to be like this.

7. Their curiosity

The empath is a very curious person. He or she is all about learning and bettering his or herself. While sometimes this could be seen as a weakness if you know how to use it, it is definitely not.

8. Their ability to not buckle under stress

The empath can and will handle so much stress and worry before even slowing. The empath can carry the weight of the world on his or her shoulders for quite some time before falling. Most people cannot handle any of this. Empaths are survivors in every essence of the word.

If you are an empath you know the things listed above to be true. Please check out the video below if you want to learn more about empaths. If you have someone in your life who you believe is an empath, thank them for all that they do. They do so much more than you realize.