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While sometimes it can be very hard to get over something that has happened or even hard to move on from it in general, there are lots of tricks to moving on. Whenever you find yourself stuck in the past, working with your mind rather than against it can come in handy.

Our minds might be very set in their ways, but that doesn’t mean changing them isn’t possible. If you’re struggling to get your mind off of something and need a bit of help, you are in the right place. The following techniques below will help you to forget whatever it is you need to forget, or at least keep your mind off of it in the ways that you’ve been unable to accomplish thus far. I, for one, use most of these quite frequently.

8 Psychological Techniques That Will Help You To Forget The Things You Want To Forget:

1. Add a new perspective to the mix.

Don’t think of things in the same way. Allow yourself to be taken out of your own shoes and placed elsewhere. What does that situation look like from the outside facing in? Is there anything that you feel could have been changed, and where does this leave you?

2. Find something better to think about.

When we have a lot of bad things on our minds, finding good things to think about can be hard, but it is important. Make better memories and bring forth a new sense of obsession in this manner. Not everything is always as we would expect for it to be.

3. Remind yourself that you shouldn’t think about it.

When you find yourself falling back into the pattern of obsessively thinking about whatever is haunting you, remind yourself that you shouldn’t be doing that. Remind yourself that you are not what you have gone through, and you are stronger despite the odds. Eventually, you will find yourself thinking about it less and less.

4. Do something to take your mind off of it.

Find a new hobby or get some work done. There are tons of things we can do to keep our minds busy. You just have to find what works best for you.

5. Look at the bright side.

Take things as they are and find the good in them. Sure, you might have gotten dumped, but you’re able to find someone better now, and you have so much free time. Why would you want to waste your life with someone who didn’t care about you anyway?

6. Release things ritually, however you see fit.

Think up a ritual that works for you and get it done. For me, writing things out and tearing them up is a big help. This will allow you to get everything out and let it go.

7. Talk to someone about it.

If you’re really struggling, and you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to those who care for you. You have a support system, and they want to be there when you need them. Talking is sometimes the best way to finally get things off your mind.

8. Let go of ‘triggering objects.’

If you, for instance, have gone through a breakup and yet have not thrown out all of his/her things yet, do it. Holding onto those things is only triggering more and more thoughts of the past. You, in the end, are causing your own trauma through holding onto things for too long.