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“True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.”
― Kiera Cass, The Selection

True love is not what most people make it out to be. When you love someone while it can be ‘love at first sight’ it usually isn’t. Life is not what the fairy tales make it out to be and love just doesn’t work that way.

True love is perfectly imperfect in all the worst and best ways. It is nothing like you would imagine for it to be. If you think you know what true love is, think again. Let go of what you think love is and please read the following. If you aren’t aware of these things you don’t know shit about what true love is.

8 Things We All Need to Know About True Love:

1. True love is not a cage.

You can be in love with someone and still spend time apart. You are still two separate people. You should be able to live without this person even though you don’t have to.

2. True love does not complete you.

True love is not going to change who you are. It is not going to make you feel whole. True love is nothing like what the movies make it out to be; it is hard work.

3. True love doesn’t mean you have the perfect relationship.

True love is still full of ups and downs. Just because you love someone that doesn’t mean your relationship is going to be argument free. With that being said, you won’t be mad at one another for long.

4. True love is not something you can force.

Either it is there or it isn’t, you cannot force someone to love you. If someone does not love you, let them go. Please do not try to hold onto someone who wants to fly away.

5. True love is not something you can find on your own.

True love finds you not the other way around. You have to let it make its way to where you are. Sometimes it comes in at the best time and sometimes the worst. You just have to be able to recognize it.

6. True love is not something you have to fight over.

If you are fighting over someone with another person it is not true love. True love is committed and faithful. You should never have to wonder if this person is going to cheat on you. True love does not have room for that kind of thing.

7. True love comes naturally.

True love is not easy, but it is also something you would choose over and over again. It comes almost as naturally as each breath you take. It just feels right.

8. True love is worth it.

True love is worth the wait and worth your time. If you ever find it you will know. Don’t waste time looking for it, work on yourself and let it come to you.