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We all go through heartbreak from time to time and it can be quite devastating. While relationships are important and useful, the pain that comes from getting out of one for whatever reason changes everything.

It is hard to end things on a mutual note without hurting your significant other or being the one to get hurt. More often than not someone ends up far more broken than the other. I have gone through my fair share of heartbreaks and while I know it is something I can and will overcome it still gets to me.

There is no easy way to move on or simple manner of finding yourself again but if you give yourself time, you will get where you want to be. Below I am going to go over some of the things you need to remind yourself of when you’re face to face with serious heartbreak. Sure, they might be hard to accept but they are all going to help. In your darkest moments, these still should reign true.

8 Things You Should Remind Yourself of If You’re Struggling With Heartbreak:

1. You can and will find love again.

You will find someone else when the time is right. Love will find you when you least expect it. Sure, you might be feeling as if you will never love again but you will.

2. Finding a rebound won’t help anything.

Dating someone else or having a one night stand won’t make you feel better. If you want to move on properly give yourself some time. Time heals all wounds even if it doesn’t feel like it will.

3. Things will get better when you are ready.

When you are ready for things to get better they will get better. You must allow yourself time to mourn. The more time you spend on self-care the better.

4. There is nothing wrong with boundaries.

There is nothing wrong with boundaries. They are very important and will make a huge difference in your life. Be strict with your boundaries and find someone who respects you enough not to even try to cross them.

5. You will feel better eventually.

While you might feel bad right now eventually you will feel better. The pain you are feeling will pass. You can and will get over this someday, believe in yourself.

6. Happiness comes from within.

You cannot find happiness in another person. Happiness comes from within and you need to remember that. All of your happiness isn’t gone because you’re no longer in a relationship, sure you feel bad now but that won’t last forever. You will find positivity once again just hold out and give yourself the time you need.

7. Cutting contact is important.

Do not be in contact with the person who broke your heart. You two parted ways for a reason and forcing yourself through more heartache is not necessary. Be strong and cut ties, please.

8. It is okay to feel bad and be upset.

There is nothing wrong with feeling bad or being down and out. You need to accept the emotions before you and appreciate things even when they suck. Sure, you’re upset right now but the pain you’re feeling will pass.