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Raising kids is hard work, and there is no perfect way to handle it. However, with that being said, if you aren’t careful, you could end up with a spoiled brat if you make too many wrong moves.

As parents, we want our kids to be happy. But there is a fine line between making your child happy and giving in too often. The more you give in to them and the more you participate in the following habits-the closer you are to having a spoiled child. While we all spoil our kids a little – when you take it too far, you are setting them up for failure overall. And the thing is, is that once they are in the habit of being spoiled-it’s a lot harder to get back to normal.

Here are 8 ways to spoil your child.

1. Too much screen time.

Say what you want- but too much screen time has been linked to slowed development, low attention spans, depression, a lack of energy, obesity, and reduced gray matter in the brain. While it might be tempting to throw a tablet at them-when you do, you are doing a great disservice to your child.

2. Letting them eat whatever they want.

Too many times I see parents shoving piles of junk on their child’s plates. While some junk here and there is fine-when that becomes all they eat or all they will eat, you are setting them up for deficiencies, obesity, diabetes, and many other health issues. Not to mention that when they grow up, if they aren’t used to delaying gratification for the sake of their well-being, they are going to have a tough life.

3. Giving them everything they want.

We’ve all been there: we are in the store, and our kid is pitching a total fit for a toy. You’ve already said no three times, but they are still crying. “What’s the harm anyways, it’s just a toy, maybe I should just get it,” you think. But, when you give your child everything they want-especially if it’s to avoid a meltdown-you are sending a clear message: you are entitled to whatever you want. And if you stomp your feet real loud-you’ll get what you want.

4. Allowing them to talk disrespectfully to you and others.

Be wary of allowing your child to rule over you. One thing will lead to another, and it can get out of hand fast. Make sure you put your foot down if you notice your child is being disrespectful.

5. Letting them quit instead of pushing them to stick it out.

When your child asks to do something (an activity or sport) make sure that you understand why they want to. Also, be clear that they will have to finish what they start. This might sound mean, but if giving up when things get boring or too hard becomes a habit- it can destroy their happiness in life.

6. Always excuse bad behavior.

I think we all instinctively want to take up for our kids. And that is fine. However, when they are doing wrong- it’s best to not excuse them. Kids pay attention. And if they pick up on you excusing bad behavior-they are going to run with it. Be clear on what is the right behavior and what the wrong behavior is- and be sure to not make excuses when they veer into bad territory.

7. Never follow through with consequences.

If you are always threatening consequences, but never follow through-your child will not take you seriously. Be clear about what you expect from your child, and also be clear about what the consequences will be. Do not continue to warn them or give them multiple chances. Instead, act immediately.

8. Doing everything for them.

Doing everything for your kids might seem like a time saver- but in reality-this bad habit will cost you. Instead of doing everything for your kid-show them how to do it right and then allow them the room and independence to do it.