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Death is something we cannot avoid. It is inevitable for each and every one of us.

We all have our own views of death and what it means for us but I have noticed those who are ‘awake’ seem to think in a very similar manner. They are more aware of things that need to be recognized. Death is not something to be afraid of and it something that can bring about wonderful things. Below you will find a list of things those who are awakened know about death, be openminded and really take these things to heart.

8 Things Those Who Are ‘Awakened’ Know About Death:

1. We should not fear death.

Death is not something we should be afraid of. When we die we are not suffering. Those who are awake know that overcoming fear is the key to most things.

2. Life was never meant to be forever.

No one on this planet was ever meant to live forever. Would you really want to be 200 years old or more living in an almost vegetative state? I know I sure would not.

3. We can learn a great lesson from dying.

We learn so much from experience and dying is just that, another experience. You will live and die again many times over until you get that lesson right. Pay attention to what the universe is telling you.

4. Death is not the end.

There is no end. Sure, we die but that doesn’t mean everything is over. There is more to us than meets the eye. The source will reconnect with us.

5. The moment is all we truly have.

Tomorrow is never promised and neither is one hour from now. Take each moment as it is given to you and live your life. Be true to who you are.

6. Death is proof that we are not unbreakable.

When someone dies it is proof that we are not capable of living forever. It serves as a reminder that everything has to come to an end. While it hurts, it is also a lesson worth learning.

7. Living life to the fullest is important.

We must live our lives to the fullest. You don’t want to be on your deathbed full of regret. LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE!

8. Death is peaceful.

Nothing about death is as intense as it sounds. Death is a very peaceful thing. You will be free of all pain and suffering.

Featured image via Pixabay: Peter Holic