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A Harvard study has revealed something quite interesting. While we all want to live full happy lives, there could be serious reasons as to why were are somehow not capable of doing-so.

A study known as the Study of Adult Development followed around eight hundred people for basically their entire lives and is easily the longest study of physical and mental health in the world. Through this, researchers were able to figure out what factors should be taken into consideration when it comes to living a long and happy life. While most people would assume relationships and other things of the sort come into play, there is a lot more to it than that. 

This project has been following those people since they were teenagers back in 1938 and not very many are left in this day and age. Those who are left are well into their nineties. That being said, as these people got older they realized more and more what made them happy and focused more on what they truly enjoyed. 

Below I am going to go over the things that could be bringing you down in life that these people who were apart of the study noted as bringing them down and perhaps even decreasing their longevity. How many of these things resonate with you and would you change them? I for one will be paying much closer attention to my happiness from here out. 

8 Things That Make Our Lives Shorter and Sadder:

1. Having an unhappy childhood

While you cannot go back in time and fix things if you’re still relatively young you can work to come to terms with what you’ve gone through and make the most of the time you have left that could still be considered your younger years. Your childhood is a much bigger part of your life than you might assume and it has lasting effects. You can’t just assume the things you’re facing now won’t be an issue when you’re older, the past follows us everywhere.

2. Being unable to deal with your own emotions

We all have emotions and bottling those up never does anyone any good. The more you hide the way you feel and the less you deal with the negative things going on in your mind the more unhappy you will become. We all deserve to be able to address and move on from these kinds of things.

3. Smoking and Drinking

There is no denying that smoking and drinking can take years off of our lives. Those who remind you of this are not doing-so to hassle you. They care, and they want to see you live the life you deserve to live.

4. Not taking the time to find love

Love is a very important thing in life and as we get older if we haven’t found it yet, or we have wasted our chance on it, we begin to feel regret. We all want someone to grow old with and spend our last years beside. Don’t be so petty that you end up alone on your death bed.

5. Not taking the time to focus on education properly

Education is important and while you might not think school is for you right now even just taking vocational courses can be a blessing. The more you learn the more you are capable of doing in this world. You can make the most of this life if you truly want to.

6. Not doing anything to be there for those in your life

The people around you are not going to be there forever. At some point, they too will go off on their own and do the things they want to do. Make time for the people you care about and treat them well. If you can help someone, why not help them?

7. Being unsure of when to let go

Letting go is something most of us struggle with but it is also a huge means of holding ourselves back. We all need to know when to let go and how to do-so. Holding onto the wrong thing for too long will waste far more time than you think.

8. Refusing to remain as connected to those you care for as you should

Even if it’s just a mere phone call from time to time being connected to the people you care about can change your life. The more connected you are the less alone you will feel. Loneliness is something most of the world’s old people face and it can truly be the death of some.