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Throughout our lives, for many of us, we share one common lifelong goal: finding our true love. The journey towards this goal can be chaotic, confusing, and at times, exciting, especially when we believe we have found ‘the one.’

Unfortunately, though, because love can be blinding, many of us will find someone, fall in love, and believe they are the one, without questioning ourselves very much. Because of this, after one failed relationship, we learn to dig deeper on the next go around. In turn, when we do finally meet someone else, we may question “Is this person the right one?”

Thankfully, there are most definitely signs that present themselves when we do find the one. Here are 8 things that happen when you find one.

1. Life seems less overwhelming.

Since you have gotten together, life just seems simpler. And not even really because anything had gotten simpler or less stressful, this person just makes it easier for you to handle all of the struggles. You feel comfortable and at home with them.

2. You feel unconditionally supported.

This person supports you, no matter what you do. They don’t try to change you or shut you down, instead, they always listen to your motives. And you know they would have your back no matter what you did.

3. You trust them fully.

You feel like you are fully able to trust this person. You don’t ever have to worry about where they are or what they are doing, because you know they would never stray. When they say they have your back, you know they do. When they say they will do something, you know they will follow through.

4. They are your best friend, you want to grow old with.

This person is your best friend. You can always talk to them about anything, and they always offer good advice. They don’t judge you. And you can always count on having fun with them.

5. They accept you, even more than you accept yourself.

This person accepts your flaws and all. Even when you don’t accept yourself or get upset with yourself, your partner continues to accept you and stand by your side.

6. Physical contact feels natural and normal.

When it comes to physical contact and intimacy, it just comes naturally with this person. You feel comfortable with them, almost like you’ve known them all of your life.

7. They make you want to be a better version of yourself.

Being with this person makes you want to be better. And not because they peer pressure you or even try to change you, it’s simply their presence in your life that makes you want to be a better you.

8. You have shared values and a shared vision for life.

When the topic of your values comes up, you both see eye to eye. While you may not agree on everything (no one does) you most definitely share the same core values and beliefs. Even when it comes down to major life goals, the two of you are aligned in every way.