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Sometimes in life, we do not end up with the person we want to be with. Your soulmate is not always someone that you end up spending your whole life with and this is a reality most people refuse to come to terms with.

If you have ever been in a soulmate relationship you know how different they are from the rest. Soulmate relationships have an energy like nothing else, and they are literally unexplainable. You feel a connection that runs far deeper than any connection you have felt before.

However, sometimes soulmates meet at the wrong time if the timing is wrong even if just on one end the two are forced to part ways. Parting ways is painful and devastating, but it is something those who face it are able to get through. Something to remember is that if things do not work out in this life the next life may be different.

Below you will find a list of things that will become true for you if you are ever forced to separate from your soulmate. These things happen to everyone who is forced to move forward from a connection of this stature. While they can be quite upsetting just remember that everything happens for a reason.

8 Things That Happen When You and Your Soulmate Are Forced to Part Ways:

1. You become a different person in some ways.

When we go through things like this we change inside and out. This could be a small change or a big change. Some of us literally transform into different people. Heartbreak of this stature never leaves anyone unphased.

2. Your idea of what love is changes completely.

You gain a new perspective on love and realize that it was not what you thought it was and that it is not achievable on that level again. You really learn more than you ever thought you could in regards to the heart.

3. You hurt really fucking bad.

Heartbreak of this stature is painful. Losing someone you had a deep connection with is extremely upsetting and might leave you down and out for a long time. Don’t be too worried though, your heart will recover in the end.

4. You become strangers again.

When you have to let go of a soulmate you have to entirely let go of them. There is no ‘we can just be friends.’ Soulmate connections are never able to be reduced to that, it is either all or nothing.

5. You feel like a ‘ghost’ for a long while.

Moving on will feel as if you are just going through the motions and not really living. Things will feel like this for awhile, but in the end, you will overcome it. You will get back to normal in time.

6. You will find love again but it will feel different.

Eventually, you will find someone you care for again while it will not be the same it will still be magical. Being with someone who is not your soulmate is possible and can work well it just isn’t as deep of a connection. It will not be able to compare to what you had before at least on an energetic level.

7. You will always think of this person even years later.

Your soulmate will cross your mind sometimes even years after you have parted ways. You will think of him or her and it will still sting a bit. You may even find yourself crying in the bathtub listening to sad music from time to time. This is normal and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your vulnerability. The wound that comes with ending things with a soulmate is not one that ever completely closes.

8. You carry on with your life because you have to.

You move on with your life and as mentioned above find someone else to give your love to but you are different. You grow into someone who has adapted to no longer hurt in that way. While this may sound a bit melancholy it is not as ‘down and out’ as it sounds. There is nothing wrong with pushing through and living your life when you have to, sometimes letting go is the best option.