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We leave a much bigger mark on our kids than we often realize, and whether or not that mark is a good one or a bad one is up to us. What will your kids remember about you?

The years of childhood will pass us by faster than we realize. So much of that time will be spent with us worrying about all of the wrong things and feeling overwhelmed. When in reality- if we pulled ourselves back into the moment, we would realize that giving our kids what they need to be happy and to remember you in a good light is much easier than you likely realize.

Here are 8 things kids never forget about their parents.

1. When they got sick, and you took care of them.

I think we can all agree that we all have a memory of being comforted by our caregivers when we were sick. There is something magical that sticks with you when someone gets you soft tissues and sets them by your bed. Or, when someone makes a special pot of soup just because you don’t feel good. These moments are both simple and sweet.

2. The times you surprised them.

The little surprise moments that our kids didn’t expect will always stick out in their minds. Things like late-night drive trips, or special movie nights on the couch even though it’s a school night, will always be cherished memory.

3. The way you treat them when no one is around.

When other people are around, we are on our best behavior and put out a version of ourselves that is not authentic. When no one is around and your true colors come out, how do you treat your child? If you treat them kindly and with love, that is the mark you will make. Make sure that you don’t just treat them with love when others are watching.

4. Your family traditions.

We all grew up with at least one family tradition. One thing I remember was Christmas breakfast before opening ‘Santa’s’ toys. Those memories were so precious to me. As an adult, I hope to share these same memories with my little ones.

5. How you reacted when you were upset?

How do you act when you are upset? Do you act cool, calm, and collected, or do you lose control, and throw things? While you may think that they will forget, they won’t.

6. The promises you make or break.

When you make a promise to your child, make sure you can keep it. The reason I say this, is that every time you keep one, your child will learn to trust a little bit more, and they will always remember that you did that for them. But, this could work the opposite way, too.

7. The simple, peaceful moments.

The best moments are the simple ones. Things like making family meals together, going to the park, sitting at home, and snuggling on the couch. Those may not seem like big things- but they are the moments that mean the most.

8. The adventures.

Last but not least, kids remember the adventures their parents take them on. Even if it’s a small trip to a city a few hours away-your child will remember the excitement of the travel, the games you played on the road, and the moments you spent together during your adventures.