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It’s interesting to think of the things your child will remember and the things they will forget. Our memories are so random, but at the end of the day, there are some things that your child will never forget.

One of those moments for me is when my mom came into my room when I was like 9 or 10 and told me and my sister to get ready. We did as we were told and the three of us went to McDonald’s and then to the drive-in. It was one of the most wonderful memories I have, even though it was something so simple and so random. What kind of mark are you leaving on your kids? Here are 8 things kids never forget about their parents.

1. The time you surprised them.

Much like mine and my sister’s memory of our mom surprising us for a late-night drive end trip, your kids will remember the little things you did. So, when you can, surprise your kids.

2. The times you instilled real responsibility in them.

Another major moment I remember, or a real moment, is when my mom made me do things I did not want to do, but that eventually made me a better person as an adult. While your kids may not love the fact that they have chores, one day they will thank you for making them responsible.

3. The times you didn’t or did apologize.

We often think of our words as being the end all be all for our kids. However, that does not exempt us from saying sorry. Actually, as a parent, you should always say sorry, because you are teaching them to take responsibility.

4. How much you yelled and screamed?

We all yell sometimes, that is normal. However, if you yell all the time, your kids won’t forget that. Unfortunately, you may end up being a sad or even traumatic memory to them if your time is mostly spent yelling.

5. The times you showed up.

Kids recognize who shows up for them and who does not. They may not fully understand right now, but eventually, they will look back and see. So, make sure you are showing up.

6. The promises you kept or didn’t keep.

When you promise your child something and don’t deliver, they will remember that. Conversely, if you make a promise and do deliver, they will always remember the time you made a promise and followed through.

7. The way you act when no one is watching.

When no one else can see you, your kids do. If you are amazing and have integrity, your children will remember that. If you spend all of your time abusing them and treating them like garbage, that is what will stick out. Make sure that you are showing up and being the person you want to be remembered as.

8. How you made them feel.

If you make your child feel loved, feel secure, and to feel as if they are enough, that is what they will remember. On the other hand, if you constantly tear them down and belittle them, that is what they will remember.