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While narcissists are not always the same, they do tend to have a lot in common with one another. The tactics they use and how they go about their manipulation process, in general, is something you should be able to spot.

For those who do not know, narcissists are people who mentally abuse and take advantage of others. They are people who are somewhere on the NPD spectrum and are easily angered. They are manipulative and use their charm to get whatever it is they want. They will move into your life and weasel their way into your heart only to use you and leave you feeling quite broken in the end.

When it comes to dealing with a narcissist cutting ties is almost always the absolute best option. Narcissists can be people you’ve just met or people who have been in your life since you were born, they are never the people you would expect. Below I am going to go over some of the things they all seem to do or have in common. These things should help you to pick them out sooner rather than later.

8 Things All Narcissists Tend To Have In Common:

1. They do not care about your accomplishments.

Narcissists never seem interested in the things other people are doing. If you get a good grade or win a contest they will not seem impressed at all. They will turn things around and make them about themselves or ignore your accomplishment altogether.

2. They never take responsibility for their own actions.

When narcissists make mistakes they do not own up to them. In their minds, they are above everyone else. They do not see their wrongdoings as wrongdoings, and this is a very serious issue.

3. They wear a mask in front of others.

Narcissists tend to be one person in front of others and another behind closed doors. Those who are in relationships with the narcissist will see both sides. If you are from the outside looking in you might never believe the true narcissist even exists.

4. They blame others for well, everything.

Narcissists are really good at the blame game. They might even blame you for things you could not control at all. As long as they are not the one to blame they do not care who is taking the fall.

5. They try to make you feel ‘çrazy.’

Narcissists will go out of their way to bring you down. They will gaslight you and make you feel crazy. You aren’t always overreacting or making a big deal out of nothing. Sometimes the reactions you give are warranted, don’t forget that.

6. They know how to hold a grudge.

Narcissists always get even. If something happens in their lives they make sure that revenge is quick and devastating. This is one terrible thing about the narcissist. Crossing them while necessary most of the time comes with real risks.

7. They put their own feeling before the needs of others.

Narcissists don’t care what you need, they put their wants before anything else. Sure, you might need to sleep but if they want to listen to music, they’re not turning it down. You just have to deal with it or jump ship. Please, jump ship.

8. They love to lie even when it isn’t something important.

Narcissists tend to lie about some of the most unimportant things. They do this because it makes them feel like they have more power over you. They are literally censoring even the smallest parts of your life.

Do not put up with any of the things listed above, because you do not deserve any of it. Being with a narcissist is not worth it. For more information on narcissistic abuse check out the video below. You can get through it and come out on the other end, give yourself more power.