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Narcissists are some of the worst kinds of people to find yourself stuck with, and yet all too often we allow them much closer than we should. Whether they’re family members, lovers, or something else, they cannot always be entirely avoided.

narcissist Being able to spot the things that narcissists do to wear us down is a big part of being able to combat the damage that they can do. Narcissists are toxic people that we need to keep our distance from, even if it’s just emotionally and mentally. The more involved you are in their lives, the more dangerous they become to your wellbeing.

Below, I am going to go over some of the more common things narcissists do that tend to be quite prevalent throughout the NPD spectrum as a whole. How many of these have you experienced firsthand, and were you able to spot them quickly? While it might not seem like much at firsthand, the deeper you look into things, the more you will be able to understand them.

8 Things All Narcissists Do:

1. They never think anything you do for them is good enough.

When it comes to the narcissist, no matter what you do for him or her, they will still want more. You are not going to be able to reach their expectations, ever. They are always looking for more and more and will not stop until you literally have nothing left to offer them.

2. They lie all the time.

A lot of narcissists lie constantly. While at first, you won’t notice, as time passes their lies will become clear. Almost always, the things coming out of the narcissist’s mouth are untrue. You don’t need to keep this kind of negativity in your life.

3. They are very unpredictable.

Narcissists are often the kinds of people that you never truly understand. They split quite frequently, leaving you often wondering what kind of person you’re coming home to. They might seem happy one minute and then leave you feeling broken the next.

4. They overstep boundaries constantly.

When you’re with a narcissist, he or she will not respect you in any way. This including your boundaries. Narcissists do not think boundaries or limits apply to them, so they will do with you whatever they please. You have to work hard to keep them on their toes if you must have them in your life.

5. They do not take responsibility for their actions.

Narcissists are very one-sided and never feel like they’ve done anything wrong. When they make mistakes, it is always someone else’s fault. They are far too perfect to ever be responsible for anything they actually do, or so they think.

6. They refuse to let even the smallest things go.

These kinds of people are really good at holding grudges. They go above and beyond to get revenge even for the tiniest things. You can apologize to them time and time again, but they will still make sure to get you back. Narcissists do not know how to let go.

7. They are quick to pull out the charm.

Narcissistic people come across as very charming and are quick to use their charm to their advantage. They do this as a means of getting you under their spell and into their trap. Whenever you disagree with them or try to leave, they will turn into the most charming person you’ve ever seen.

8. They feel like the ‘rules’ do not apply to them, no matter what.

Narcissists believe that they do not have to follow any rules. They believe that they are truly better than everyone else on all possible levels. While this is not true, it is something you’ll never be able to force them to allow to sink in.