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While in this day and age witches and witchy stuff are more accepted than ever, that doesn’t mean that there are people in the dark about witchcraft overall. Sure, you might resonate with witchy things but understanding your true nature might still be a bit off.

Natural-born witches are all around us and when you know what to look for they really stand out more than you’d expect. These people have gifts that they have to work to better understand as time passes. If you are a witch the things below probably will apply to you on a deep level.

Sure, some of them might catch you off guard but if these things are clearly present in your life you may have more going on than you realize. The more you understand yourself the better you will be able to use your abilities to do good in this world.

8 Tell-Tale Signs You’re A Witch:

1. You spend a lot of time in nature because it helps you to recharge.

As a witch, you are going to feel pretty connected to nature. You spend a lot of your time outside alone and recharging. This allows you to really see yourself as you should.

2. Animals seem naturally attracted to you.

Animals can sense your aura and as a result, they seem drawn to you. They come to you and seem calmed by your presence. You are someone who tends to love just about all animals.

3. The healing arts speaks to you big time.

Natural-born witches tend to be more inclined to work with the healing arts. They usually use things like herbs and so forth for healing without even thinking twice. You don’t tend to think highly of traditional medicine, if you can fix something on your own you will always opt to go that route.

4. Sometimes you experience things like Deja Vu.

Because you are so tuned in to the world around you, you sense things other people cannot. You experience a lot of Deja Vu and things of that sort. It’s like your spirit guides are constantly reaching out to you in new ways.

5. Your intuitive side is always reaching out to you.

As a witch, your intuitive side will be more outspoken than that of others. You find yourself knowing things you have no way of knowing and always picking up on the energies around you. When something is going on, you’re quick to realize the change in the things around you.

6. You’re extremely empathic.

Witches tend to be quite helpful. They care more for others than most would realize. They can sense and really take in the emotions of others and so things really affect them as if the issues before them are their own even if they aren’t.

7. You have a serious green thumb.

If you are able to grow just about anything you’re probably witchier than you’d expect. You are good at keeping plants alive and it seems like your energies feed into the plants around you. That green thumb of yours is not something you can get away from and even when you’re not trying plants seem to flourish around you.

8. You notice odd things happening when you’re emotionally charged.

The more emotional you are the more strange the things around you end up being. A lot of weird things happen when you’re charged or upset and it’s not something you can deny. While you don’t understand it you know it does happen.