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Crystal children are a type of star children. They are not easy to spot, but they do in many ways stand out.

Crystal children are born on the sixth dimension of consciousness and yet have the potential to open up at a rapid rate to the ninth level. They are very peaceful people and are here to send the rest of us down a path to reveal our inner power. Below you will find a list of things that will help you identify whether or not someone in your life is a true crystal child.

“You are the hybrids of golden worlds and ages splendidly conceived.” 
― AberjhaniJourney through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry

8 Things That Will Help You to Identify a True Crystal Child:

1. They are very sensitive and caring.

They care about the people in their lives and when something bad happens it really gets to them. They are great people who would do anything for those they love. Crystal children are true friends.

2. They are usually quite forgiving.

While many people would consider this to be a weakness, star children are known for their forgiving nature. They can be too forgiving, and are known for giving people chance after chance.

3. They are much wiser than most.

Star children are considered to be wise beyond their years. They are the people we go to for advice most of the time. They just always know what to say somehow.

4. They have a ‘magnetic’ personality.

You will find yourself to be drawn to star children like a moth to the flame. This is because they stick out in some of the best ways! They put off an aura that is so open and inviting that many people cannot resist.

5. They tend to have an opalescent aura.

Their aura is opalescent in color. For those who can see auras, this is a beneficial thing to know. However, if you cannot see auras, the rest of these signs should be enough for you. If you want to learn how to read auras click here.

6. They care for the planet.

These people are always working to help the world. They know we have serious issues going on and are active in promoting change. They will never give up on mother Earth.

7. They are usually quite fearless.

Most star children are considered to be brave because they are not usually afraid of anything. They can do just about anything they put their mind to. Sure, things may come off as scary, but they can still get through with them with ease.

8. They love animals.

Star children are often surrounded by animals. They truly love and appreciate every single creature on this earth! You will notice that they seem to form a much stronger bond with their pets than most people.

(Image Via: darksouls1/pixabay)