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When it comes to really touching others in a way that speaks to them you have to know what you’re doing. While we are all capable, not many are aware of what it takes to be able to do so.

Tuning into your intimate self is not as hard as it may seem. If you want to really sweep someone off of their feet or just really put emotion into your touch, you can. The one best way to learn more about how to be sensual or more emotional with your touch is to practice.

8 Steps To Speaking With Your Touch:

Step 1: Find Someone To Practice With.

This could be a friend or a partner. Just someone you don’t mind sharing things like this with. This person doesn’t have to be someone you’re going to be romantic with, just someone you trust.

Step 2: Sit Together Facing One Another. (Eyes Closed)

With this person sit together and face one another. Close your eyes and from here allow yourself a moment. Just relax and clear your mind.

Step 3: Choose What Emotion Or Desire You Wish To Express.

Choose which emotion or desire you’re trying to send out into the world. Figure out what it is you’re wanting to portray and make sure that you are being clear with it. Start off with something simple, try not to overdo it.

Step 4: Touch Your Partner.

Now, touch your partner in a way that you think will respectfully send out what you are trying to say. Don’t be pervy or overstep any boundaries just touch his or her arm or swiftly caress a shoulder. Whatever you feel will get that emotion out into the world.

Step 5: Allow Your Partner To Respond

Allow your partner in this to respond to that touch and you listen to what their touch is saying to you. You can respond to their touch and so forth or move on to the next step. That all depends on where you two are in your situation together.

Step 6: Both Of You Open Your Eyes And Discuss What You Were Hearing.

Open your eyes and go over what happened with one another. He or she tells you what they got from it and you do the same. Allow things to be gone over as detailed as possible.

Step 7: Repeat This Process Several Times.

Now that you have gone over things a bit try again a few times and see if you improve. Each time stop and talk it over. Once you have done this enough move to the last step.

Step 8:  Go Over The Areas That Need Improvement.

From here ask your partner if there is anything that he or she would have you improve on and work outside of this situation to improve on it. This is not only something that helps it learn more it also teaches your partner. Once you’ve got where you feel you are comfortable take this out into the real world and give it a go.