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We all have soul contracts in place whether we realize it or not. These soul contracts are contracts we signed into before coming to this planet. 

Soul contracts are basically agreements we made between others before being incarnated into this life. You see, before we come here we choose a lot of the things that we face in this world, partners, experiences, and so much more. While that might sound a bit crazy, it is very true and some of these are karmic in nature meaning that we are carrying them out to right wrongs we’ve done in previous lives.

In regards to this kind of thing, Learn Religions wrote as follows on their website:

Unlike more rigid karmic connections, people connected through soul agreements choose to hang out together for a variety of reasons. Imagine a conversation between pre-incarnated soul buddies: “Wow, it would be cool if next time around we could arrange to be siblings, business partners, or lovers.”

Karmic relationships tend to have an urgent energy to them, bringing individuals together to return a favor, repay a debt, work out their differences, or make amends for past misdeeds. When karma is in the mix, relationships can feel uncomfortable or binding, as if there is no escape.

Someone we’re connected to through pre-birth agreements usually is the friend who makes us laugh, a trusty mentor, or the favorite sibling. Soul agreements or spiritual contracts are usually designed with one or more out clauses built in to feel more freeing. There is often no feeling or sense of obligation in contractual relationships.

Below I am going to go over several different examples of soul contracts and how they were carried out. While not all of these are going to be easy to face, they are all inevitable within reason. Sure, changes in slight ways can be made but when karma comes into the mix things become much harder to get through.

8 Soul Contract Examples: 

1. The Soul Contract Of Isolation

Sometimes we go through periods where we feel like no one understands us and when you have a soul contract of isolation, you will feel this heavily. This soul contract is one that leaves you feeling like you’re unable to find someone who understands you. Perhaps you left others feeling like this in a past life and as a result, you’re finally reaping what you’ve sown.

2. The Soul Contract Of Freedom

This soul contract is one that comes after you’ve spent a life or more than one life being held back in the worst possible ways. It is your chance to break free and do all you have ever wanted. While this soul contract might have you moving through this world in a bit of a reckless or rebellious manner, it is important for you to experience.

3. The Soul Contract Of Anxiety

This soul contract comes with a lot of worry and stress. When you find yourself facing the soul contract of anxiety you are on edge more-so than you feel you should be. Perhaps in the past, you were far too relaxed and free-flowing. Working through this kind of soul contract is not easy.

4. The Soul Contract Of Self-Awareness

This is a soul contract that will have you traveling within more-so than you might expect. You’re trying to discover more about yourself and the life you’re living. When we find this soul contract knocking at our doors we often realize it is the result of being far too unaware of ourselves and our potential on lives past.

5. The Soul Contract Of Martyrdom

This soul contract brings forth a lot of pain. You have to go through something huge and full of suffering to get you where you need to be. While not many people take the time to understand this one, if you find yourself stuck in it, you will work to come to terms with the things you’re facing.

6. The Soul Contract Of Heartbreak

This soul contract is one that either means you will be suffering serious heartbreak in this life or you will be handing out serious heartbreak in this life. Because of the way things played out before whether you were hurting others or others were hurting you wrongs need to be righted. This isn’t as complex as you might want to make it out to be and can seriously affect your love life.

7. The Soul Contract Of Friendship and Loyalty

This soul contract is one that emphasizes friendship and loyalty. You will be the best friend that you can be as a result of something that played out badly in the past. Perhaps you left someone hanging in one of your previous lives and now is your time to show them that you actually care.

8. The Soul Contract Of Change

While hard to deal with this soul contract is one that brings forth a lot of change. It is one that shows us while you were stuck in a rut before you’re now ready to take on the world. Things are going to change whether you’re ready to face them or not.