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There are tons of different positions in which we can sleep, but overall most people pick one or two and from there go back and forth. Whether you’re the kind of person that sleeps on your side or the kind who curls up in a ball, we can learn a lot about you based on how you choose to sleep and what is most comfortable for you.

Below, I am going to explain what each of the more common sleep positions could reveal about you and your personality type. You might find that there is more to how you sleep than most would imagine. Perhaps this is something you could use to your advantage regarding others as well.

8 Sleep Positions That Reveal Your Personality Type:

1. The Log Position

The log position is basically laying on your side with your arms at one side as well. This could be done in a number of ways and reveals that regarding your personality you are easier to read than most other people. You are usually very one-sided and quick to trust the people around you. While you might not see it, everyone else does.

2. The Back Sleeper

This position is when you lie on your back with your arms hugging your body. It shows us you have a warm heart and are willing to nurture yourself properly. Many people who opt for this position cuddle a pillow or something of the sort. They are in many ways open and honest people, to say the least.

3. The ‘Soldier’ Position

This position is basically a position in which you’d be lying on your back with your arms down along the sides of your body. While a bit boring and uncomfortable for most, there are lots of people who choose this position. This position personality-wise makes us aware that a person is a bit too closed off and holds his or herself to expectations that are in many ways ‘too much.’ You could say they usually play out as the strong silent type, but that isn’t always the case. It should also be noted this position is a big contributor to snoring issues.

4. The Fetal Position

We all know what the fetal position is, curled up on your side as if you were a ‘baby’ might not sound comfortable to all, but it is something tons of people love. This is easily the most common sleeping position and understandably so as it is how we were for a full nine months before we came into this world. That being said, it shows how shy and closed off we are. People who tend to go for this sleeping position are usually tougher on the outside than they are on the inside.

5. The ‘Yearner’

Yearners are people who sleep on their side with their arms out as if they are reaching for something or someone. These people tend to have been hurt a lot in life and are still somehow open and in many ways full of dreams. You might have a lot of positive experiences with someone who sleeps in this position.

6. The Stomach Sleeper

Anyone who sleeps on their stomachs usually comes across as quite confident overall. While a comfortable position, this one can increase back and neck issues for a lot of reasons and takes up a lot of space. If you’re a bit of a risk-taker, this is most likely going to be the sleeping position you prefer over all the rest.

7. The ‘Shooting Star’

Not many people tend to opt for this position, but it is quite interesting. For this position, a person lies on their back with their legs stretched out and their arms either behind their head or behind their pillow resting underneath. When someone chooses this sleeping position, it makes us aware that they are unconventional at best but also very unique. This position could insinuate that you’re a good friend and that you’re capable of listening well, but also might mean you’re working to combat a snoring issue.

8. The Cuddling Position

This position basically consists of being either the big spoon or the little spoon, and shows just how dependent you are on your partner for security. You are someone who feels very confident in your relationship, but also need that sense of safety by your side. While it might not sound like much at first, this sleeping position shows us just how invested you are in all that you do.