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For those who might not be aware plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the fibrous tissue along the bottom of your foot. This tissue connects your heel bone to your toes and when it’s inflamed it can be extremely painful whether it’s in both feet or just one.

This issue is easily one of the most common causes of heel pain and in most cases the more you move the less intense this pain is. That having been said, according to Mayo Clinic once you’ve been standing for a few hours it is likely to return and so forth on repeat. It is most commonly found in those who run a lot, are overweight, or work a lot yet refuse to wear proper supportive shoes. 

That having been said, the treatment for this kind of thing doesn’t always work and can be quite frustrating. Many people turn to working out as a means of reducing the pain they’re feeling and for many, it does the trick. Below I am going to go over some of the best exercise techniques that you can use you are affected by plantar fasciitis can use to benefit your own wellbeing. How many of these are able to work wonders for you?

8 Simple Plantar Fasciitis Exercises To Help Reduce Pain In Your Feet:

1. Towel Stretches

Sit with your legs straight out and use a towel to stretch. Wrap it around your foot and pull it forward until you feel your calf muscle stretch ever so slightly. Do this a few times in a row and then move onto another technique.

2. Toe Curls With Towel

Place a towel on the ground and then from there use your foot to pick it up with your toes. Once you’ve done this let go of it and redo things several times. You can switch feet or you can work with just one, whichever works best for you.

3. Ice Massage Arch Roll

Use a piece of ice to roll against the arch of your foot. In doing this you are helping put pressure and reduce the inflammation. Personally I like to use a frozen water bottle for this as it rolls more properly.

4. Calf Raises 

Step up onto a block or something else of the sort and from there lower one foot to the ground. Press up on the ball of the foot still on the block and from there flex your calf muscle. This in itself will leave you feeling much better.

5. Toe Extension

Whether you’re standing or sitting use your toes to press forward outwards. Extend them a few times in a row and be sure to do it to both feet. This flexes the muscles that we’re targeting and from there it makes a serious change.

6. Heel Pump

Sit in a chair and place a tennis ball in the arch of your foot. From here pump the ball downward using pressure from your arm against your calf/knee. Do both feet and swap back and forth for at least ten pumps each.

7. Before Getting Out Of Bed Stretches

Before you get out of bed you need to do some stretches to help ensure your feet aren’t going to be hurting as bad once you touch the ground. Flex your feet up and down and stretch your toes out all the while at least 15 times each before getting up. This might make a serious difference in how you move forth.

8. Tennis Ball Roll

Using another or the same tennis ball noted above, roll it up and down your heel while sitting. Put a little weight forward but not all of it. Really target the most pressurized areas.