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Most people stereotype depression as severe sadness, but there is far more to it than that. And while depression can look like many things- it can often be perceived as laziness from the outside looking in.

You may be feeling like you just can’t get anything done. No matter how much you push yourself, the motivation just isn’t there. In turn, you may be asking yourself, “Why am I so lazy?”

When in reality- you aren’t. You are simply suffering from a mental disorder that is making it hard for you to put all your effort into anything other than trying to cope. The CDC reports that 1 out of every 6 adults will be affected by depression in their lifetime, and around 16 million American adults are affected each year.

So, before you assume your lack of effort is due to laziness, check out the following signs, because you could be one of the 16 million people that will be affected by depression this year.

1. You don’t have any energy.

Even if you wanted to get the things done that you need to you may experience a feeling of little to no energy. You may find yourself backing out of responsibilities because you simply can’t muster up enough gumption to get them done.

2. You no longer enjoy the things that once pleased you or happiness.

Depression can make it hard to do much of anything, even things you truly once enjoyed. You may feel so bogged down with thoughts of sadness so much that you silently wonder “What’s the point?”

3. You stop putting effort into your relationships.

The thought of social interaction makes you even sadder because you don’t feel like you can muster up the energy to do so. You may avoid reaching out to friends and family because you feel awkward. However, while you may perceive this as social laziness, it could be a sign of depression.

4. You are sleeping more and more.

Depression can affect sleep in numerous ways. While some may sleep less, others may not be able to force themselves out of the bed. This can be very frustrating – because you may believe that your poor sleep tendencies are due to laziness, when in reality, if you are staying in bed more and more, you are likely depressed.

5. Your motivation is gone.

It is extremely difficult to muster up the motivation to clean, cook, and perform well at work when major depression hits. You may find your dishes are starting to stack up and your entire house is becoming cluttered and messy. And no matter how much you want to get up and clean it all up and be productive- you simply cannot.

6. You feel hopeless.

The hopeless feeling that comes along with depression can make you feel like nothing matters. In turn, even when you have motivation, you may give up easily on tasks or goals, because you don’t believe your effort will bring about positive results.

7. You lose interest in hygiene.

Some people with depression may lose their motivation to brush their hair, brush their teeth, or even take a bath. The depression can become so much that their appearance doesn’t matter any longer to them. If you are experiencing this, it could be a sign of depression.

8. You are having a hard time concentrating.

People who are depressed experience brain fog- which makes it hard to think straight. You may lose track of appointments, forget about work task deadlines, and have issues with making decisions. Not being able to focus can make you feel as though you can’t get anything done. You may ask yourself why you can’t just do what you need to do.