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Sometimes when it comes to love we fall for the wrong person and while there is a lesson behind it, we don’t always see that lesson. If you’re in a relationship with someone who makes you feel bad or someone who doesn’t appreciate you then chances are you’ve fallen for the wrong person.

Finding the right person to be with or even just a good partner, in general, isn’t always going to be a walk in the park. If the following signs are present in your relationship then you’re in a toxic situation and not with the right kind of person. Not everyone is what they seem and you need to be aware of that for many reasons.

8 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Person:

1. You find yourself thinking about other people.

You find yourself thinking about what your life might be like if you were with someone else. You are not content where you are and you know something needs to change. While you might not be able to see exactly what, you know there is something seriously wrong.

2. You don’t feel like yourself anymore.

You just don’t feel like you’re being yourself anymore. You’re turning into someone that you are not and you don’t like it. This is a sign that perhaps the person you’re with is bringing out the worst in you.

3. You feel stuck.

You feel like you’re stuck, and that you have nowhere to turn from here. You might not want to be in this relationship but you don’t see a way out. You just aren’t sure where to go from here.

4. You cannot sit down and talk to one another about real problems.

You can’t sit and talk things over with this person. He or she is always making you feel less than and bringing up things that do not matter. Arguments have to be fast paced and heartbreaking instead of just properly communicating and you hate it.

5. You don’t trust one another.

If you don’t trust your partner there is no sense in being with him or her. Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. You both need to have a mutual sense of it in order to make your relationship work.

6. You don’t have any sweet moments like you used to.

If you and your partner aren’t able to be intimate with one another in any way, there is something wrong. As a couple, you should be able to be very close and vulnerable at least from time to time. This might signify that your issues run much deeper than you think.

7. You both just don’t seem to have much in common.

If you don’t have much in common, all of the other things might really weigh down on you hard. Relationships are not always as easy as they look.

8. You are constantly blaming one another for the problems within the relationship.

If you are both passing the blame back and forth then there is no sense in being together. Sometimes we just end up with the wrong person and while it might take a good bit of time to figure it out we have to do what’s right in the end. Do what is best for you.

(Image Via: Pixabay)