Witches do exist and while they’re not what you see in movies on the big screen, there are a lot of them. In this day and age, the witchy world is becoming more and more prominent and that’s a wonderful thing.

Witches aren’t ugly old hags that live in the woods and do bad things to the people who come their way. They are actually very kind people who use the power of herbs, their inner being, and so much more to help others as well as themselves. They call on the forces of nature to do a lot and well, while some bad witches do exist, most are overall quite good in nature. 

Witches can be both men and women and are quite powerful because of the knowledge they possess. No, they don’t worship the devil and some of them don’t have any religion at all. Witches come in many shapes and sizes and well, they’re all unique in their own ways. 

Some are pagan, Wiccan, etc and others are just trying to tune into Mother Nature. If you feel like you’re a witch then chances are you probably are. It’s something you feel deep inside and the more you practice your craft the more clear that becomes. Below I am going to go over some of the signs many people note as revealing this to themselves. Don’t be afraid to embrace this side of yourself.

8 Signs You’re An Actual Witch:

1. Animals seem naturally attracted to you.

Witches seem to have a way with animals. Animals are drawn to them because of their auras. They can sense the calm that witches put off.

2. You’ve got quite the green thumb.

It seems quite apparent that most witches have quite the green thumbs. They are good at growing things and usually love gardening. While this might not be true for all witches it does seem to hold value for most.

3. You tend to collect some ‘odd’ things.

As a witch, you may find yourself drawn to some odd things. These being things other people find weird. What is weird to some might be very important to you.

4. You can feel the energy of the moon itself.

Witches are very tuned in with mother nature. They can sense the power of the Earth, the moon, and even the sun. This is because they vibrate at a higher frequency than most other people.

5. You love nature and feel a very deep connection with it.

Witches are very much connected with nature. They know they must spend as much time as possible emersing themselves in it. Nature is very important to you.

6. You feel quite drawn to the healing arts.

You love learning new things about herbs and other things of the sort. When it comes to being sick you’re always ready to go the natural route before anything else. You truly love making ‘potions’ even if you don’t quite call them that just yet.

7. You know the power of your thoughts and words.

You are very aware of the power of the things you put into this world as a witch. You know that your thoughts and words manifest in big ways. This leading you to be careful how you address things.

8. You have experienced the calling.

Witches tend to go through a period many refer to as the calling. This is when they really come to the realization that they are witches. They feel as though they are being pulled towards the craft and well, they are.

There is nothing wrong with being a witch and in fact, it’s quite admirable. You as a witch are much more capable than you could ever imagine and your powers are very much real. Don’t let people get you down.

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