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Sometimes we end up falling in love and then later out of love. Sadly, ending the relationship once we’re already committed can sometimes be a bit harder than we would like for it to be.

When one person falls out of love with their partner it can be devastating, but the worst part about it all is that most of the time the lack of love does not bring the relationship to an end. At some point, relationships that have expired will run out of time and when that happens the truth comes out and everyone ends up hurt more-so than they would have if everyone were just being honest from the get-go.

Below I am going to go over some of the biggest signs that your relationship might not be what it once was anymore. These signs will be things you should look for if you’re wondering whether you’re with your partner out of comfort or because you’re actually in love with one another. There is nothing wrong with ending things but remembering how important it is to not drag one another along is something that can be quite crucial.

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Running Out Of Time:

1. You don’t like who you are ‘with’ your partner/in your relationship.

If you do not like who you become with your partner you don’t need to be with him/her. We are supposed to bring out the best in one another and if that is not happening then moving on is the right choice for you. Be the person you have always imagined.

2. You feel emotionally distant from your partner.

The more emotionally distant you feel you are from your partner the sooner your break up might be. Emotional distance is like walking on a sheet of ice, at some point the cracks will force you into the water. Don’t act as if taking light steps will put off the inevitable.

3. You aren’t physically intimate anymore (or it’s different now).

When our relationships are nearing their end intimacy is not going to happen often and when it does it’s not going to feel the same. That connection is not going to be present anymore. This is something you will have to experience for yourself to truly understand.

4. When you’re apart you do not contact one another much.

When you two are not together you do not text or call one another much. This is because you are both caught up in your own lives that the life you’ve been working on together doesn’t matter. While this can be a sign of other things, if it accompanies the other things on this list you should really read into it properly.

5. You feel like your life is on ‘pause.’

If you feel like your life is on pause because of your relationship you need to go ahead and jump ship. You’re not ready for the things that come with being tied down and it will only get worse. If you want to go live your life, you need to do it.

6. You’ve begun basically avoiding your significant other.

When you’re avoiding the person you’re supposed to love you should see it as a red flag. Sure, there is nothing wrong with making plans without your lover but you shouldn’t be going out of your way to ensure you don’t have to spend time together. In a relationship, you should want to be together.

7. The negative outweighs the positive with this person.

With your partner, you feel like the negative things about him/her are outweighing the positive. His/her flaws are weighing heavily on you and you cannot overcome them. When you cannot accept someone for who they are you do not need to be in their lives, this is hard to deal with but important to remember.

8. You two just cannot seem to get along.

It seems like all you do is fight with one another lately and that is nothing anyone wants to deal with. You feel like arguing is the only thing you have in common and you know this is no way to live. You feel like there are very few options within the relationship.