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Love is perhaps the one universal force that brings us all together because almost every one of us will embark on the journey to find love. However, finding love isn’t enough all by itself, and in the grand scheme of things, our main objective is to find someone that we can spend our lives with.

At the beginning of a relationship, when you are still getting to know your partner, you may have a hard time reading or understanding them. And while you want to fully let your guard down, that can be a hard thing to do, especially if you’ve been hurt before. So, how do you know that your partner is intending to spend their life with you, or at the very least, has hopes for that to happen?

While your partner may not always come right out and say it, there will be signs. Here are 8 signs your partner wants to spend their life with you.

1. They talk about their future, and you are in it.

When they are considering future wedding invites, they always add you as their plus one. When they discuss plans, like housing, kids, marriage, etc, you are the person they envision. They oftentimes mention their future, and there is no missing the fact that they see you in it.

2. They invite you to help them make major life decisions.

As he flips through the real estate magazine in the waiting room, he leans over and shows you houses, “What do you think of this one?” or, when she passes a beautiful dress while you walk through a department store, she says, “Can you imagine me in that at OUR wedding?” While people don’t often flat-out state their intentions, if you read between the lines, they will spell it out.

3. They enjoy doing domestic things with you.

Grocery shopping, doing laundry, and having lazy days on the couch together make them extremely happy. Honestly, any domestic chore seems like a fun activity when you do it together. Remember, while it’s all fun and good to have awesome sex at the beginning of a relationship, the important thing is that you can do the everyday boring stuff together and still enjoy each other’s company.

4. They include you with their friends.

When they go out to friend group activities, they invite you to join in. You’ve met pretty much all of their friends and honestly, you are beginning to feel like one of the crew.

5. Their family loves you.

If you win the affection of their friends, that’s a great sign. However, winning the affection of their family, especially if they are close to their family is extremely important. If their family loves you, they are likely going to keep you around.

6. They use the word we.

When he discusses pretty much anything, they use the word ‘we.’ You feel like a unit when you are with them and not just an extra in their life.

7. They are always bringing up the things you have in common.

When you share something with them about your beliefs or goals, or just say how you feel, they try to find common ground. They are always pointing out little things that make you the perfect couple.

8. They make your needs a priority.

They are always considerate of your needs. If you don’t feel well, they check up on you or come by. And they don’t make plans on important days that are for the two of you.