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We are all blessed with our own individual chakra systems. These systems allow our chi or life force to flow through us and in that also bring us so much more awareness.

In this article, we are going to go over one of my favorite chakras of all, the crown chakra. This chakra often goes overlooked and under-spoken about. This chakra is the seventh chakra and located at the very top of your head. It connects us with the universe and binds us to that which creates. This chakra is one that offers us many gifts and reminds us how connected everything in this world.

At some point in your journey throughout this world, your crown chakra will awaken and ignite. When this happens, a lot of things will change. Below I am going to go over some of the things that happen when your crown chakra begins to soar, these can be taken as signs of true awakening.

8 Signs Your Crown Chakra Might Be Igniting:

1. You are a much more positive person overall.

This chakra teaches us to be kind and positive above all else. When we are down it reminds us to see the good in the situation and those around us. No matter what, there is always a bright side. Your crown will not let you down.

2. You finally understand why pain happens and how to grow from it.

This chakra might not seem like much but it packs a powerful punch. The more it becomes prominent the more aware you will become of how painful pain is and how necessary it is. You will begin to see the lessons life has thrown your way and how you grew in the long-run.

3. Things you never understood before suddenly make sense.

You are now that your crown is making itself known able to finally ‘get it.’ That mindset and level of frequency everyone always talk about is finally yours. This feeling is like something no one could ever truly find the words to explain.

4. You’ve been spending a lot more time alone.

While you’re working to make sense of this all you will most likely become overwhelmed. Because of this, you might find that being able to spend time alone helps tremendously. The more time you spend with your own thoughts the more you figure out.

5. You are beginning to focus more on the people and things in your life that you truly love.

As your crown becomes more and more clear the people in your life who matter will present themselves time and time again. The things that do not matter and hold no purpose are going to melt away. This chakra really pays a great deal of attention to where we place our efforts.

6. The way you do things is changing.

You are sleeping differently, eating differently and changing through every step that you take. Nothing is as it once was and routine is no longer a part of your life. Through the chaos, you’re able to become much happier somehow.

7. You are unable to stop questioning things.

You are not able to turn the questions in your mind off. Everything going on in your mind is moving so much faster than the things of this world. Answers are no longer answers to you and questions are endless.

8. You are noticing a heightened sense of awareness.

Everything you thought you knew is changing. You’re beginning to see the world as it truly is and you are blown away. While there are both good and bad things in life, your senses are taking in the most they possibly can.