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When we envision raising a child, it can be exciting to see their new minds adapting to ideas, concepts, and the world in general. However, when you are raising an old soul, their minds are far more complex, and they seem to pick up on things and understand things that are far beyond their capabilities.

An old soul is someone who is wise beyond their years. In a child, it may be confusing to a parent at times that their child is able to understand the things that they can. But, it actually makes them extremely gifted. There are true advantages to being an old soul. If you believe your child might be an old soul, if you are not, it may be hard to relate to them and understand where they are coming from.

And if you are confused as to whether they are one or not, here are some tell-tell signs.

1. They are highly intuitive.

Old souls are very intuitive and can read people and situations without much effort. This can be observed in children who seem to know how to do things or can even conceive things they have not encountered before, without much help. In a way, they are tiny empaths.

2. They are pensive.

Most children are pretty gung-ho about things, jumping into the next adventure without being pushed. Old soul children, on the other hand, are a bit more pensive and careful. They take their time and think things through before jumping in.

3. They tend to get along better with adults than they do with other children.

When you and your child go to the park, or to an event, they seem to move away from other children and prefer to hang out with the adults. This isn’t to be mistaken with a child who clings to adults out of fear or because they are needy. An old soul child actually enjoys talking to adults and can carry on a conversation with one with ease.

4. They question everything.

Old soul children question everything. They want to know about everything, and they are also hesitant to take anything at face value. Sometimes, they may also question authority, at home or at school, bringing up good points about their opinions.

5. They are independent.

An old soul child doesn’t mind doing things on their own, and in many cases, they actually prefer it. When you try to intervene and help them, they may push you away, wanting to do it for themselves. And they don’t mind spending time alone, playing by themselves.

6. They sound like a “little old man,” or a “little old woman.”

When your child talks, they sound like an adult. They may worry about things that are far beyond their little minds, or bring up points that sound like something an adult would bring up.

7. They live in their own little world.

Old soul children are completely different from others. There really isn’t a perfect way to describe them, other than someone who dances to the beat of their own drum. If your child tends to live in their own little world, and are much different from most, they are likely an old soul.

8. They don’t fit in with other kids.

When they are around other kids, they stick out like a sore thumb. There is something very different about them, and they carry themselves and act much differently than most kids. Other kids may even notice this and push them away, which can be very disheartening. However, there are other old soul children out there, and when two old souls pair up, they make their best friends.