When it comes to things of spiritual nature most people are quite on the fence but if you are gifted, you likely feel very different from everyone else. Sure, we all have gifts but some people are much more gifted than others, and understanding that is powerful.

Truly gifted people are capable of changing this world for better and in owning their powers and making them better, they can do exactly that. These people are more intuitive than most and well, the more they work to grow the more progress they see in lots of different areas. Below I am going to break down some of the signs that a person is gifted on a deeper level than most and well if these signs are present for you, it might be revealing something amazing.

8 Signs You Have A Gift:

1. You are extremely compassionate and caring.

You always care so deeply about the people around you. Whether you know someone well or have only just met them they weigh on your heart. You are the kind of person who shows everyone how important they are and that in itself is very important.

2. Your intuition is more powerful than that of most other people around you.

Your intuitive side is one that holds a lot of power. You can sense things that others cannot and when something is wrong you know it. You are always getting out of the most peculiar situations in the nick of time.

3. Your dreams often hold deeper meanings and you know it.

You have some pretty odd dreams on occasion and well, you know they mean more than what they appear at face value. You can tell they hold deeper meanings and as a result, spend a lot of time breaking them down. You learn so much through this and push others to also do the same.

4. People always seem to come to you for advice.

Giving advice is something you do well. This is because you can take yourself out of your own shoes and place yourself in someone else’s. You know that not everything is as it seems and that there are many sides to each story you face. This helps you gain the upper hand when it comes to helping other people.

5. You can tell when someone is lying quite easily.

When someone is lying you are well aware. You can pick up on this kind of thing quickly. The people who try to lie to you are often cast aside quickly as you hold no place for them in your life.

6. You can feel that there is a lot more to the world than just what we can see.

You can feel more connected to things than others. You know there is more going on in this world than what you see with your eyes. It is almost as if the energies around you are screaming at you day in and day out.

7. Synchronicities are basically everywhere you go.

You are almost always seeing repeating numbers and facing meaningful coincidences. Everything seems to hold a deeper meaning and the more you dive into it the further you get in life. You stop and focus on the small things when you need to and that in itself helps you further yourself dramatically.

8. You feel very overwhelmed by crowds and things of that nature.

Because you are so sensitive, you are often overwhelmed by large groups of people. You unlike most others are able to really feel the energies of the groups before you. While it might not look like it, the energies of all the people around one another conflict with the ones that differ from them.

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