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There are so many times in life that we as humans begin to feel lost. Sometimes, this feeling can remain with us almost as if we are stuck and then all of a sudden it will be as is if everything is starting to fall into place.

You will start to see signs everywhere, and they will come in from all different aspects, and this can mean anything, nothing is off limits. I am sure you have already heard on more than one occasion that ‘the universe works in mysterious ways’ but it really does. We are all receiving guidance from an outside source whether we notice it or not. If you think you have been missing out on a message that the universe was trying to send to you the following things might be able to help.

8 Ways to Recognize Signs From The Universe:

1. You are being faced with a challenge.

The universe will throw many different challenges your way but some are much worse than others. When this happens you are being forced into bettering yourself whether you realize it or not. Some decisions are hard to make and some challenges are hard to overcome but you can do it.

2. You are at a standstill.

Something has you feeling very out of synch. It seems as if no matter what you just cannot settle on how to move forward in life. The universe is telling you that you need to make a serious change in your life.

3. You notice synchronicities.

If you are seeing repeating numbers the universe is letting you know you are on the right path. Synchronicities come in all kinds of forms, repeating numbers being the most common. If someone unexpected comes back into your life listen to what they have to say, the universe may have sent them for a reason.

4. You can’t get something specific off of your mind.

When something needs to be brought to your attention it will be. The universe will not let your mind rest until what needs to be done is done. If you cannot get it off your mind chances are you aren’t thinking about it in the right way.

5. Your intuition is nagging at you.

If your intuition keeps telling you there is something odd about someone, don’t ignore it. Your intuition is a direct link to the source in some ways and it is a means for your spirit guides to show you things. If you are in danger or even just need to be a little wary, your intuition will tell you.

6. Your life suddenly becomes eventful.

When the universe has something to say to you, no matter how long it takes the universe will send you signals. Eventually, the point will be made and you will see it. When we are traveling down our paths in life the universe is going to ensure we stay on track. Sure, we may fall, and we may sometimes end up stuck but in the end, we will be where we were meant to be.

7. You are more sensitive to energies than normal.

Your intentions start getting higher than usual. You are aligned with the universe and as a result, you will have a lot of vibrational influx. The vibrations of the people around you will start to affect you, and you will find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

8. Your dreams are more vivid.

When we are asleep the veil that separates our world from the rest is thin. This allows the universe to send us messages in our dreams. These messages can be anything and are sometimes hard to interpret.

(Image Via: Sarah Prout)