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In this time period for some reason, a lot of people seem to be mixing a lot of things up for love. Love isn’t lust or infatuation and yet, many people believe it is.

If you think you’re in love but you’re not sure, looking for the signs might benefit you greatly. Infatuation is a lot like love but more-so shortlived. Rather than a lasting passionate encounter situations with infatuation are more-so about admiration on the fading side of things.

Below you will find a list of signs that indicate you’re infatuated rather than actually in love. These signs might feel like love, but they aren’t love. The sooner you realize that the easier it will be for you to work things out properly.

8 Signs You’re Infatuated Not In Love:

1. You feel like this person is literally perfect.

When you’re infatuated with someone you won’t see them as being able to do anything wrong. You will place them on a pedestal and that is where they will stay, at least for a while. You just don’t see things as they are and rather than accepting this person’s flaws, you don’t even see them.

2. You’re no longer being yourself.

When you’re infatuated you’re more-so worried about getting close to this person than showing them who you are as a person. You will try to turn yourself into whomever you think they want you to be. This is not healthy and will only end badly once all is said and done.

3. You don’t question things this person says or does.

When you’re infatuated you’re much more likely to ignore red flags with certain people. While he or she might be doing shady things, you’re not paying attention to that part at all. You’re still head over heels and ready to dive into a ‘connection.’

4. You want to be in control of the person you’re with/interested in.

When you’re infatuated you’re much more jealous and volatile than you would be otherwise. You want to be in control of this person and you want them to basically belong to you. Rather than being a team, you want complete control.

5. You’re very insecure in your connection with this person.

While you might be in a relationship right now, you feel like this person could break your heart at any moment. There are a lot of insecure emotions about the whole ordeal and you’re on edge more often than not. Things are not comfortable, that’s for sure.

6. You don’t bother to look at things from a logical stance.

When you’re infatuated you tend to look at things from the stance you want to versus one of logic. While it might not make sense for you two to be together, you’re going to make it happen no matter what. This is where things tend to get a bit weird.

7. The feelings you have are overwhelming in every sense of the word.

When you’re infatuated you tend to be more-so overwhelmed with emotions. You think about this person a lot and you’re unable to shake the butterflies in your tummy. Until you get what you want, you’re going to feel this way and you’re well aware.

8. Your world revolves around this person.

When we are infatuated with someone our world begins to revolve around them. You don’t think of anyone else and all you do is make plans that have to do with this person. You’re properly obsessed, there is no denying that.


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