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Within each of us is our hidden, inner child. For some of us, though, because of difficult circumstances that took place when we were little, our inner child can become wounded and in need of healing.

Carrying around a wounded inner child can cause us a world of trouble and hurt. It can cause us to hurt others, to damage ourselves, and generally, it can prevent us from thriving as adults. With that being said, if you come to realize and become aware that your inner child is wounded, there are ways to heal it. However, you must first be aware of the wounds to begin the healing process.

1. You have identity issues.

Having a wounded inner child can make it difficult to understand and know yourself. You may bounce from persona to persona, much like a chameleon trying to find yourself, but as long as your inner child is wounded, it will remain difficult to feel stable and consistent in yourself.

2. You are emotionally unstable.

Think of a highly emotional child being sad, or emotionally wounded, and trying to deal with those emotions without help. This is what happens to us when we have a wounded inner child, and oftentimes, it causes us to react in an emotionally unstable way.

3. You have addiction problems.

Many people with wounded inner children will feel a void from within. In an attempt to fix or fill that void, they may latch on to addictions. While they intend to make themselves feel better, addictions only add to the wounds.

4. You have codependency issues.

Living with a wounded inner child will lead you to seek attention, approval, and love in all the wrong ways. In turn, you may latch on to people, even when they are not good for you, and you may have a hard time letting go of them.

5. You are afraid of getting close to people.

While you may cling or co-dependently attach yourself to others, you may have a hard time forming authentic connections. No matter how hard or how much you try, until your inner child is healed, it’s difficult to form authentic connections to others.

6. You fear abandonment.

Those who have a wounded inner child often have abandonment issues. In turn, you may accept the worst from people, out of fear that if you don’t, you may lose them.

7. You have low self-esteem.

Having a wounded inner child can make it difficult to develop a sense of self that is healthy. In turn, you may feel worthless and lack confidence in yourself.

8. You have authentic trust issues.

Many people claim to have trust issues- but those who have a wounded inner child truly do. Oftentimes, what caused them to become wounded in the first place can make it hard for them to trust again. Until you work through what wounded you, to begin with, you may continue to find it hard to trust in others.