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Let’s be honest. Finding someone you can consider to be a true friend isn’t a common thing, and they are not available by the dozen; true friends are very few and far between, and when you find someone who you consider to be a true friend, you should never let them go.

However, deciding on who is and isn’t your friends can be difficult. How do you know who has your back when the hypothetical sh** hits the fan, and who is going to run for the hills? Well, there are a few common traits that are typical in true friendship.

They accept you, despite your flaws.

We all have flaws, and traits that we consider unacceptable, but our friends will still remain in our lives, and embrace us, in spite of that.

They support you.

No matter what decision you make, even if they don’t agree, a true friend will support what you want in life.

You can let your weird flag fly.

When you are with them, you are your uninhibited self. While you may not be able to share your darkest thoughts with an acquaintance, you can with a true friend.

Their company makes you feel good, instead of draining you.

Some people make you feel drained, and will take advantage of your kindness. A true friend will lift you up and make you realize how good life can be.

They tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

If someone tells you what you want to hear, to preserve your feelings – they are not your real friend. While they have good intentions, only a real friend will tell you what you are doing wrong, and what they think about your actions.

You have a million inside jokes.

When you form a bond with someone, a real bond that is, then you will grow to have a series of inside jokes that only the two of you can understand. And you may even have your own language.

They forgive you.

Even when you think you may have finally ruined things forever (because we all make mistakes) someone who loves you like a true friend does, will forgive you.

You are like family.

Friendship really doesn’t define the bond you have. Instead, you are so close, it’s like you are family. Oftentimes, friendships like these even involve you basically acknowledging their family as yours.