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When it comes to our mental state we should be doing a lot more to protect ourselves than we usually are. While you might be stressing over the things going on in your life there need to be proper limits set.

For those who somehow aren’t familiar a nervous breakdown is something that people have when they’re overwhelmed. While not necessarily a medical term, it is a sign that there is something much more serious going on in your life and within your own mind. As someone who has had plenty of ‘nervous breakdowns’ I can assure you it’s much more productive to keep your mental health in check.

If you feel like you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown or perhaps in the middle of one you should be able to note the following signs. If these signs are present in your life you need to get some help. Sometimes we just can’t do it all on our own and there is nothing wrong with that.

8 Signs Of A Nervous Breakdown You Should Never Ignore:

1. You feel like you need to close yourself off.

You don’t feel like the people around you deserve to be in your life and vice versa. The more around others you are the more upset and stressed you become. It’s like everyone and everything around you is just too much all of a sudden.

2. Your stomach is extremely upset without outside reason.

You can’t seem to calm your stomach no matter what you try. You’re having serious bowel issues and cramps. This kind of thing goes hand in hand with extreme mental distress even though most people are not aware of it.

3. You’re having extreme mood swings.

The further into your nervous breakdown you go the more emotional and volatile you will become. No one can calm you down and you feel like even the smallest thing is the ‘end of the world.’ This is never a fun thing to experience.

4. You’re experiencing serious tension headaches.

Tension headaches and nervous breakdowns seem to go hand in hand. The more stress you face the more it is going to become clear in your body. You might also face muscle aches and different pains on a physical level as things progress.

5. You’re very on edge.

The more stressed and worked up you become the more on edge you will be. This meaning that as your nervous breakdown gets worse you’re going to also become more distressed. This kind of thing doesn’t just stop in the middle of everything it has to die down on its own.

6. Your personal hygiene is suffering.

When we are really struggling in our own minds and lives sometimes we find it hard to take care of ourselves. If you’re struggling to get out of bed or even shower chances are this has something to do with it. The worse off you are in your mind the more your physical body will suffer as well.

7. Sleeping is seemingly impossible for you.

Your mind will not allow you to sleep. The more you try the harder it becomes. This is because you have so much going on in your mind.

8. You just don’t feel like yourself.

When we are in the middle of a nervous breakdown we are not ourselves so it makes sense that we would feel out of place and as if we’re acting out. That being said, it doesn’t become any easier to face. This is a process that forces you to lose yourself.