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When we have a loved one who passes on it can be very hard for us. While we want back, we cannot do anything about their passing and it leaves a gaping hole in our hearts as a result. 

Losing a loved one is easily one of the most painful things we can go through here in this world. While we know that someday we will find one another again, remaining here while that person is somewhere else leaves us feeling quite broken and empty. That being said, sometimes those loved ones come back, not in the physical form but on an energetic or spiritual level. 

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When someone who has passed on comes back to visit with us, it can be quite overwhelming and in many ways catches us off guard. Oftentimes we struggle to come to terms with what is happening because the signs are not as clear as we would like for them to be. When someone who has died comes back to be present in our lives for a bit, they will make themselves known in ways that otherwise we would not think much about. 

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Below, I am going to go over some of the signs that someone you care for who is no longer of this world is with you or has come for a visit. These signs are things we should not be overlooking and indicate that the spirit world is working to make something known to you. How many of these have you experienced?

8 Signs Someone Who Has Passed Is Still With You:

1. You see this person in your dreams, and they are extremely vivid.

When we are sleeping, the veil between our world and the world of the dead is thinnest, and so they are able to visit us much easier during this time. The people of our past could come to see us during this time or even try to send us messages. If the dream is unusually vivid, chances are it is a real experience with someone you love.

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2. You keep smelling something that reminds you of this person.

When someone we care for comes back to see us sometimes they will bring forth a scent to place them on our minds. This is their way of trying to make it known that they are before you. For instance, if your grandmother made the best cherry pies you may smell those all the while, there being no way that kind of scent could be present given the circumstances before you.

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3. A song that is meaningful for you in regards to that person keeps playing ‘randomly.’

Perhaps you start hearing the song you and your previous passed lover once sang together quite frequently. While at first, you think nothing of it but the more it happens the more clear things should become. He or she is trying to let you know that they are still by your side even in death.

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4. You keep finding white feathers.

White feathers are always a sign that someone who has passed is watching over you. The more you are finding them, the more you might need to know they are there. This person wants you to know you are not alone.

5. You hear this person calling out to you ever so slightly.

If you are actually hearing the voice of someone who has passed, they are reaching out in a big way. In speaking to you, they are just trying to get your attention. They might even say something specific if you’re willing to listen deep enough.

6. Electronics and lights seem to act up at the oddest times.

This is a common occurrence when spirits are present. You might find that the lights keep flickering or that your television is on the fritz. No matter what you do to fix it, it still keeps happening.

7. You feel as though this person is there with you.

When someone we are connected to comes to visit, oftentimes we will feel their presence. This is because of just how deep our ties to one another run. Even death cannot pull us apart from those we truly love the most.

8. A specific object keeps coming into your path or presenting itself before you.

If you have your grandfather’s favorite collectible coin or perhaps his watch placed in your drawer somewhere and have not touched it in a long time, he may bring it out and place it somewhere for you to see. This so that he can be on your mind. Through bringing this out, he is reminding you that he is still here beside you no matter what you’re facing in life.

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