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Relationships are complicated- which makes it easy for us to sometimes ignore that little voice within that tells us to jump ship. Sometimes, we want to see the best in people- however, experts warn there are some things you should NEVER ignore.

Looking back at past relationships, I always ask myself, “Why did I not shut it down before it got so bad?” But, they say hindsight is 20/20. In reality- most of us notice red flags from the get-go. We simply choose to ignore them, in hopes that they won’t define the person we are with. However, that can be dangerous. Here are 8 relationship red flags to never ignore.

1. Physical abuse.

Ken Page, LCSW says, “If you feel physically scared by how the person is, or if they’ve ever behaved in ways that are physically abusive or threatening, that’s it. Give it an absolute 100% no.”

2. They love-bomb you- and it is too much too fast.

A major sign of a toxic person is a love bombing phase in which the person insists you are their soulmate, or how perfect you are all the time. While this may seem harmless- love bombing is a tactic used by narcissists to reel in their victims before they start showing their true colors. If someone insists you are their soulmate five minutes after meeting, run.

3. Your partner only wants things their way.

Holly Roberts, a Relate counselor, says that in a relationship, things shouldn’t become one-sided. If so, she believes it’s likely “controlling behavior.” Relationships thrive on compromise, so it’s a major red flag if you never get a say.

4. Verbal or Emotional abuse.

Page explains that verbal and emotional abuse are also huge red flags. If your partner is trying to make you feel crazy, or messing with your mind and feelings, it’s time to let go.

5. They disrespect your boundaries.

When someone continues to disrespect boundaries you have put in place, this is a major red flag. Boundaries are important for all human relationships, and especially relationship boundaries. If you tell your partner to stop touching you or to give you some personal space, and they can’t respect that, run.

6. You can’t tell your partner how you feel.

Holly says that if you are unable to be yourself and express your feelings because you are afraid your partner may laugh or criticize you, it’s a bad sign. Staying in a relationship like this for a long time can end up eventually changing who you are internally in a very bad way.

7. There’s no trust.

Trust is fundamental to a healthy and thriving relationship. Trust issues from both parties can only lead to trouble. People become possessive and jealous, and paranoid in situations like these and ultimately, the bond is toxic.

8. They make you feel less than.

Annette Nunez, M.S., Ph.D., and psychotherapist explains that it’s important to recognize how someone makes you feel inside. Anyone who makes you feel less than enough should be an immediate red flag.