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When it comes to dating and being a couple, in general, there are tons of fun things that you can do with one another. While most might not realize it, watching horror movies is a lot more beneficial for your connection than most other things.

Sure, some people opt for romance movies or comedies but horror movies will benefit the two of you a lot more. Whether you like to be scared or not, being afraid together will bring the two of you to a turning point in your relationship. If you’re a zombie lover or perhaps obsessed with a specific horror face now might be the chance for you to incorporate that into your relationship.

Below I am going to go over some of the benefits of watching scary movies with your significant other. If these benefits appeal to you, perhaps you should take your ‘Netflix and chill’ to the next level. If you are already a couple that watches horror movies together then you know all too well how prominent these benefits can be.

8 Reasons Why You And Your Partner Should Be Watching Horror Movies Together:

1. You’re more likely to cuddle with one another.

If we’re afraid we are much more likely to snuggle up to the arm of the person beside us and thus watching scary movies are perfect for breaking that physical barrier. Cuddling and horror movies go hand in hand. While you might not think too much about it, more often than not when we’re younger scary movies are our go-to’s for this reason.

2. You learn new things about each other.

When it comes to learning a person’s thoughts or fears watching scary movies is a great place to start. All you have to do is sit down and press play. The movie itself will do the rest, you’re welcome.

3. You de-stress because of how your brain reacts.

When we are in high-intensity moments that we often experience when watching scary movies it can reduce our stress levels. You are both able to let go and really wind down in a number of ways and it can make you feel a lot closer than you’d assume otherwise. Our brains react to scary movies and things of the sort in some of the most interesting ways.

4. Your brain releases dopamine and thus brings you closer to one another.

When we watch scary movies our brain releases dopamine which brings us closer to one another. Dopamine for those who might not know is a ‘feel good’ chemical in our minds. This could in some ways be why some people love horror films so much.

5. You have more room to discuss the things happening in the film.

If you’re watching a horror movie you two both have a lot to talk about. You criticize the moves of the people within the movie and go over what might be happening next. While it might be somewhat confusing here and there you both will go over things quite a bit.

6. You learn how the other person reacts to specific ‘scary’ things.

When you see scary movies together you get to know the ways in which the other person reacts to different frightening situations. The more of a variety you check out the more you learn overall. You can really figure out a lot about one another through this kind of thing.

7. You show your vulnerable side to the other person and they do the same to you.

As a couple watching scary movies together will bring out your vulnerable sides. If you’re scared you’re allowing the person you’re with to see a raw side of your being. Sure, this kind of thing might not always be easy and could go overlooked quite frequently but it makes a huge difference in our connections with one another.

8. You realize just how fun it can be to be afraid together.

Being in a relationship and watching scary movies together is fun. It is a lot more fun to be scared together than most people tend to realize. Chances are once you start watching horror movies together, you just won’t be able to stop.

(Image Via: Pixabay)