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We as couples might agree on some things, but we’re not going to agree on everything and that’s perfectly fine. If we all got along 24/7 chances are we’d get pretty bored of one another.

Being able to disagree and work on your differences as a whole brings a bit of diversity to the relationship and allows you both the chance to be yourselves. In a lot of ways, we should be appreciating the differences we have with our partners because those things are what keep us guessing overall and interested in the person we’re with. We’re all unique individuals and being able to celebrate these things within one another rather than fight over them will do you a lot of good.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why it’s important to have differences. If you and your partner are basically the same person things are going to end up quite stagnant and lack-luster very quickly. Be willing to disagree from time to time, it’s healthier than you might realize.

8 Reasons Why Having Differences With Your Partner Is Important:

1. Having differences overall make things more interesting.

While it might not be as interesting to you when you’re angry having differences allows you to mix things up. Rather than just agreeing with one another all the time and going through the motions you’re able to go back and forth a bit. This keeps you from getting bored as easily.

2. When differences are abundant you learn how to communicate more properly.

When you and your partner have differences you both work to communicate more efficiently. Rather than just doing something you both sit down and talk it over. Being able to do this in any relationship is extremely important.

3. Working to understand your differences can bring out the best parts of each other.

Being able to come to terms with your differences and try to understand one another more properly shows that you and your partner are growing. You’re both becoming better versions of yourselves. When connections like this blossom you’re bringing out the best in one another.

4. There are tons of different ways to do things and sometimes our differences show us better ways to accomplish things.

When we take the time to look into why someone does something the way that they do we sometimes learn better ways of doing things. We are all capable of learning from one another and our partners are going to try and help us be more efficient all around. Learning from one another is important.

5. Knowing that we’re all different and being able to accept your partner makes you a better person overall.

Being able to accept your partner’s differences makes you a better person. Rather than trying to change your partner you accept him or her for who they are. This is something a lot of people are unable to do.

6. We learn better ways of coping through our partners and their differences.

Our partners sometimes do things better than we do and so through these differences we learn a lot from them. For instance, if we’re unable to cope with something our partner might show us a much better way to do-so. Differences are not always a bad thing.

7. Our differences can help boost us if our partner is abundant in an area we are lacking.

When our partner is able to do something we cannot or is able to manage in a way we are not we gain a boost. Rather than struggling with the situation as a whole we turn to our partner who can help in ways no one else can. This allowing the two of you to overcome the situation entirely.

8. Our differences help us come to terms with what we want and do not want.

When we have differences we learn quickly what we want and do not want as well as what we will put up with and not put up with. Some things are deal-with-able and others are not. This helps us grow tremendously as a person when we really work to come to terms with these kinds of things.


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