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When it comes to growing up, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, but there are also a lot of things that can go right. Being a parent isn’t easy and everything affects children in different ways, but there is no denying the benefits of positive childhood experiences.

The more positive experiences you have growing up, the better your mental health will be overall, and the better things will play out for you as an adult. While we all face rough patches and many of us face trauma, the more ‘good times’ we have, the better.

Below, I am going to go over some of the more commonly noticed positive childhood experiences a person can have and break them down a bit. While we tend to talk about the negative side of things, but the positive side matters too. How many of these are present in your life and were throughout your childhood?

8 ‘Positive Childhood Experiences’ That Will Benefit You Well Into Adulthood:

1. Feeling understood and accepted by those closest to you.

Being accepted for who you are is important especially as we are growing up. When you feel like the people in your family are understanding you and being there for you, it is a feeling like no other. This is a sense of support everyone deserves to have.

2. Being able to maintain trust with the people you care for.

Trust is a very important thing as we move forward in life. The more you are able to trust the people around you the deeper your connection will be. This teaches us to create trust with others and shows us what to expect as we move forth in life.

3. Being able to feel safe and secure in your home.

We all deserve a safe and secure home. You shouldn’t ever have to feel afraid or like you’re being judged when you’re just being yourself in your own room or space. If your childhood home was somewhere you didn’t want to be, then something was seriously wrong.

4. Being given the opportunity to develop a real sense of self-esteem.

Self-esteem is important and as we grow we are supposed to cultivate our own. Your childhood should create an atmosphere in which you are able to blossom. If you had to close yourself off, you were sadly not someone who was able to get this benefit.

5. Being able to talk to your family about things that bother you.

When we are close with our brothers/sisters and parents, in general, we can talk to them about things that bother us or our emotions in general. Through this, we are able to learn how to deal with our emotions and get advice. The more open and comfortable you are the better.

6. Not being bullied or excluded in school/community events as a whole.

While being bullied is something most people face throughout their school years, those who were able to either get away from it or not face it at all were quite lucky. You as someone who doesn’t get bullied would be able to really flourish in general. While we all hear rude remarks from time to time being the target of a bully is really hard to deal with especially at a young age.

7. Finding real supportive friends.

Being able to find the best support to surround yourself with is always a wonderful experience. You’re able to work with people who help you grow and change into the person you’re supposed to be all the while pushing you to actually experience the world. When something is bugging you, you are able to go to someone who cares for you that isn’t necessarily family.

8. Being able to connect with people outside of your household.

Connecting with friends parents, teachers at school, and other members of society is important. This allows you to get advice and guidance from someone who isn’t the same as your parents. You have a new ear to turn to and if trust is present things can go extremely well within reason.