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Some people think that those who use swear words are bad people or look down on them but overall using swear words isn’t a bad thing. We’ve all said them before and whether you have a sailor’s mouth or not you shouldn’t feel bad about letting a few ‘F*cks’ fly from time to time.

As someone who tends to swear more than most, I have dove into the reasons why swearing is actually kind of a good thing. Below I will go over some of those. If you have a bit of a potty mouth, I am sure you too can and will agree with me on these.

8 Reasons To Swear:

1. To Blow Off Steam

If you’re very mad at someone, swearing at them can help you get things off your mind without becoming physical. You’re able to express yourself properly without hurting someone else within reason, and sometimes it’s honestly kind of needed. It really gets your point across.

2. For Pain Relief

If you’ve ever stubbed your toe then you know that screaming a curse word right after does help on some level. I know, this might sound a bit silly, but it is quite true. Expressing what you’re feeling through words can really make a big difference.

3. To Express Yourself

Some people just like to use swear words, and they see it as a form of self-expression within reason. There is nothing wrong with this. We are all entitled to be able to express ourselves how we see fit and if you think calling someone an asshole is the best way to express what you’re trying to get across, go for it.

4. For Comedic Effect

Swearing can be quite silly depending on how you look at it. We all laugh at swear words sometimes and especially do-so when they’re well-timed. This is just how things are.

5. To Bond With Others

Swearing in many ways can bring people together. It lightens moods and really makes some people more likable overall if they do things correctly. It shows that you’re not too uptight.

6. To Ease Social Discomfort Within Reason

If you’re not comfortable overall in social situations letting a few curse words go can really improve your mood. This might sound odd but it is something that happens all too often. I, for one, am one of the people who uses this reason more often than not.

7. To Feel More In Control

When you want to be in control there are tons of ways to go about it, but some people choose to just simply speak their minds. This means cursing when you feel like it as well. I know, it sounds simple enough but not everyone is as aware of this as they should be.

8. To Ease Your Mind

When you’re super stressed letting a few swear words fly can help calm you down. It lets you feel more in control as noted above and helps you to really get things out in the open. Have you ever used cursing to ease your mind? Chances are you have many times over.

Cursing actually has a lot of benefits, and you can learn more about those benefits by take a look at the video below. Honestly, there are good reasons to swear, and even if you don’t have a good reason that doesn’t mean you should necessarily hold back. Sure, you shouldn’t be verbally abusing others but saying a swear here and there isn’t hurting anyone.