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While we would all like to think our babies are gifted, that simply isn’t the case, at least when it comes to development. However, for those of you who do have children who are ahead of the curve, there will be signs.

In many cases, parents may not even realize how gifted their children are unless they know the signs. And while some signs might be glaringly obvious, others are not so much. Other signs may be completely disguised as odd behavior, so regardless of what you think, you should most definitely check the signs. Who knows, you might be raising the next Einstein or Hawking.

1. They maintain eye contact early on.

In the beginning, newborns aren’t always keyed into their surroundings, as it takes time for them to develop the ability to. However, some achieve the ability to tune in much faster than others. If your little one is still a tiny baby and can maintain eye contact, this is a sign that they have developed beyond what is normal. (But that’s a good thing.)

2. They are super energetic.

We are taught as a society that high-energy kids are mentally disordered. Oftentimes, counselors and teachers place pressure on us to medicate our little ones because they are high energy. But, the thing is, high energy isn’t always a bad thing. Having a high-energy kid is a great thing because it’s a sign that they are going to be highly engaged to learn, grow and create.

3. Their motor skills are advanced in their early years.

Even the simplest of activities requires motor skills. It can take some children a year or so to truly develop some of the basic motor skills (like putting together simple puzzles or stacking blocks) while some kids can do this as early as 6-8 months.

4. They are emotionally sensitive.

Research has found that kids who are more emotionally sensitive early on are far more likely to be of higher intellect. So, if your child seems to be ‘too sensitive’ it could be that they are just a bit more tuned in than others, which is likely to mean they are smarter as well.

5. They are creative.

Creativity and curiosity are both linked to higher intelligence. Additionally, more creative kids are also more likely to be detailed problem solvers and more imaginative. In turn, they will have higher success rates academically and in general.

6. They notice more details than other kids.

You might think it’s odd that your child noticed the small details in the massive painting you just hung in your living room, but actually, it’s a sign of higher development. Typically, kids aren’t so detail-oriented. So, in kids that do notice small details, it’s a sign you have a gifted child on your hands.

7. They are easily bored.

Gifted kids and infants are easily bored with familiar objects. Various studies have shown that infants typically preferred new objects to familiar ones.

8. They are advanced in their language skills.

A sure sign of a gifted child is one with an expansive vocabulary. For most kids, by the age of two or three, they can speak at least some basic words. But, if you have a toddler on your hand that can hold down a whole conversation, or speaks well beyond just ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ you’ve likely got a gifted kid on your hands.