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Great spiritual masters are littered throughout history and some can even be found in this day and age. These people are those who go through their lives working to teach those of us who are lost.

While not all of us will reach enlightenment or truly become awake, these spiritual teachers have faith in us all. They give us all of the tools we need to get where the universe wants us to go. Below I am going to go over some of the lessons that I have noticed are quite common from one spiritual master to another regardless of the religious views each one holds. These are things that will truly benefit each and every one of us if we can fully grasp them.

8 Lessons All Great Spiritual Masters Set Out To Teach Us:

1. Without compassion, there can be no peace.

You cannot find peace without showing compassion. Compassion is something we all must have on some level for others. It is needed more so than most people realize.

2. Tomorrow is never promised.

Tomorrow is not something we are always going to see. Being in the moment and mindful of the here and now is important. Life is too short to waste doing the things that you hate. Go out and do what you love, show a stranger kindness, and really connect with the people around you.

3. There is no such thing as perfect.

Perfection does not exist; you are not perfect and no one else is either. There is no room for jealousy in this world.

4. We are responsible for our own lives.

We are the ones who have to pay our dues and see the results of our actions. If you don’t like where your life is going, make the changes you need to make. You are the only one who can control yourself

5. We are all one.

We are all one and the universe is deeply connected to us all. There is no separation in the world of energy. This life is not what it seems.

6. Pain holds an important message.

Pain is important for each of us. It teaches us a lesson and brings us to a new place in life. While it might suck in the moment it is important.

7. Simplicity is essential.

Simplicity will bring you more happiness than living in luxury. Being yourself and being surrounded by people who actually care is worth so much more. Don’t fall victim to the idea that money buys happiness.

8. Forgiveness is needed even when you don’t think it is.

In this world, we do not forgive others or ourselves as often as we should. We forget how important it is and don’t give it much thought. Holding grudges is never a good thing and will only hold us all back.