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Depression is not easy to deal with, it’s not the same for everyone and what one person faces with their depression might not look anything like what someone else faces. If you’ve ever been depressed, you know exactly what I mean.

For those who might not be aware, depression is a mental health issue that tons of people across the globe face. It basically negatively affects how someone feels and leaves them quite numb overall. While it is treatable, a lot of people do not seek treatment for it and well, it can be very draining.

If you are someone who struggles with depression, you know the lies depression tells all too well. Your depression is easily your own worst enemy and it can beat you down worse than anyone else ever could. Below I am going to go over some of those lies and please remember they are exactly that, lies.

8 Lies Depression Tells You:

1. You are so broken.

You’re not broken, you’re just going through something that you cannot quite understand. It does get better and you need to keep reassuring yourself of that. Just because you feel useless doesn’t mean you are.

2. It’s better to just be alone.

Being alone might be something you need from time to time but when you’re isolating all the time you need to reach out. You’re not bothering others by trying to be around them. Your company isn’t as rough as you may assume it is. Depression wants to keep you from those who will help support you.

3. I am such a burden.

You are not a burden. Those who truly care for you will never see you as such. You are important and you are loved.

4. You’ll never be good enough.

You are good enough as you are. Your efforts are not going without being noticed. Even if it may seem hard to find the positives sometimes, they are present.

5. Things will never get better.

Things WILL get better. It takes time and you may have to go through a lot to get there but you will come out of this on the other end. You can get through this.

6. Nothing actually matters.

Your depression will try to tell you that nothing matters and try to push you away from the things you care about but you have to fight back as best you can. You have to try to get back to normal even if it’s hard. Do not let yourself become powerless.

7. You’re not trying hard enough.

Your best efforts are enough. We are only human and as humans, we are not perfect. We all fail sometimes and that is fine.

8. The world would be better off without me.

This world needs you even if you cannot see it right now. You matter and you deserve to be here on this planet. Your life is important, you will get through this.