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Venus is currently retrograding as you might already be aware and that means something different for each of us. While we will all be feeling a bit worked up during this time, we don’t need to let this retrograde get the best of us.

This retrograde is going to be a difficult one for many of us. We are going to be feeling a lot of tension and be struggling with self-control for a number of reasons. While you might not often think much about Venus, it is a force that holds intense power.

Below I am going to go over some of the things we should expect to learn from this retrograde. Some of them will be easy to face and others well, not so much. Keep your head up and do your best, things will die down sooner or later.

8 Things You Should Expect To Learn From This Venus Retrograde:

1. How to move forward with a new perspective.

You will finally learn how moving forward can be done for you. You will note a change in perspective and everything will become different. You might be surprised how much difference such a small change can make.

2. Where your values truly lie.

Venus is going to be showing you what you really care about. Where your values actually lie will become clear. You might find this one to be much more unexpected than the rest.

3. How to face the past without giving it power.

You are going to be facing the past during this time, and Venus is going to teach you how to do so without giving it power. Sure, you might want to get lost in the memories you’ve been bottling inside but you cannot do that. Facing your past without giving it power is one of the only ways to begin moving forward.

4. Who you are and where you’re headed.

This retrograde will help you to better understand yourself as a whole. You will be able to really see yourself for who you truly are instead of the mask you wear. Those lines are no longer going to be blurred.

5. How toxic some people really are.

While you know there are toxic people in this world, you probably didn’t realize they were so close to you. We are all surrounded by toxic people, and soon you will be able to really begin seeing them!

6. How to be more patient.

You are going to be learning how to be more patient. While it will be a hard lesson to learn it is one that will stick with you forever. Patience is one of the most important things that you could ever lean.

7. How important those you care for are to you.

You will through all of this learn how important the people you care about are to you. Sure, you might not realize it just yet but in time it will become clear. You care much more than you are willing to admit.

8. What matters most in your life.

The things that matter to you will be center stage during the course of this retrograde. You will be focusing on them much more and making things right in the eyes of those you have hurt. This retrograde is going to work wonders for you.